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In my previous post, I mentioned how Patches passed away, and how one of his brothers (Bullseye) was acting strange. I thought it would fade off with time, but it has been two days. He still seems to be in a daze. He is very interested in critical care, and ate 35 CC's of it last night. He is eating hay normally, but very slowly. When I give him "meatballs" of critical care, he eats those too, but more slowly and is more interested in the slush. His incisors seem aligned perfectly. If his weight drops over the next two days, I will take him into the vet. He follows his other brother around, but you will pass by and see him sitting in a pile of hay with a piece in his mouth. I find it strange, but I am worried. His father "see Thunder's Medical Thread" had many issues, but ended up passing away because of the neurological deficits he displayed. This was how he started out. Bullseye has TMJ, so his last head x-ray was less than 6 months ago, but I don't know what to do!

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Hi, it is helpful if you keep all your threads on Bullseye together. I wrote that this thread could be his:

Perhaps you can copy this there.

I would take him to the vet as soon as possible. It sounds like something is wrong.

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