is this normal? should I be concerned

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Post   » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:08 pm

I have 3 piggies but Oswald is isolated from the others because they cant get along. It seems though every few months randomly he'll start weezing. He will eat and drink and play normally but I will here a deep weezing noise instead of the usual noises. It seems to go away after either a few hours or days. Can it be some sort of piggy allergy or sensitivity to the weather changes? he seems to be the only one of my 3 pigs to get it.


Post   » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:56 pm


I do not have any answers for you but my 6 year old male piggy Blizzard has a similar issue. It has been happening for about 8 months now and it is just the most awful sound when it happens. He got X-rays which revealed a very slight swelling in the ear canal so we tried Baytril and it seemed to go away. Since then it keeps returning and we have tried antibiotics another 3 times and X-rays again. The wheezing always comes back so at this point the vet and I have decided to leave it alone since he still acts totally normal energy wise and appetite wise. I am interested to see if you find out anything else.

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Post   » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:16 pm

Also look into heart issues:

Funny breathing (wheezing) may also be food caught in the throat. Does it go away if he coughs?


Post   » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:43 pm

I try to be around him as much as I can when it happens but he does act completely normal when its happening. happened monday morning before work and once i came home he stopped and hasnt done it since. could be food caught in his throat, usually i try to get him to drink more water when i hear him doing it

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