Bonnie and Dana's Medical Thread (Cramer and TheCageCleaner)


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I figured I could consolidate all of our medical stuff into an ongoing thread since we've had so many little things pop up lately.

Bonnie has been doing okay for the most part as of 11/21/17--just a small sebaceous cyst on her chest that seems to have gone down lately. Vet said no big deal, no need to remove, will continue to monitor. She is approaching 6-6.5 years old and showing some signs of aging (overall lower weight than she used to be, a little more sedentary).

Dana is now 5 days post-op from having a tumor with abscess removed. She is recovering very nicely and her incision looks fabulous. On day 2 post-op we noticed that she was eating fine but not pooping as much as she normally does. She had experienced some changes in poop size a couple of weeks before the surgery but the vet was not very concerned. When we called to let him know that she was not pooping, he told us to begin using Cisapride which we had on hand unused from a few weeks ago. This really helped her kick start her GI tract and she seems to be back to normal with this. We are continuing to keep an eye on her. There has been no real change in temperament or eating habits otherwise.

Still waiting for pathology results--fingers crossed for benign. If it was a malignant tumor we will explore options.

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It is difficult when you start a new thread. How about instead using the existing one? We strongly discourage multiple threads on one guinea pig. Glad to hear things are improving.


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That's fine--how do I delete this one?

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I'll lock it.

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