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First, thank you for the help. I'll try to keep this short, but offer some history. I used to write for The Guinea Pig Magazine, have a sticky on Guinea Lynx Forum and have combed the internet for answers. Some info: Chooch, boar, almost 6 years, long history of health issues, from teeth, untreated pneumonia as a baby before I got him, which left him with a head tilt and extra calcification in his ears, which cause draining issues, Baytril intolerant, an abscess, a stone, an abscess behind his eye, which only zythromax killed, I tried EVERYTHING else, advanced but controlled Conjunctivitis. Tooth issues started I'm guessing 3 years ago, only one upper incisor left, all others have stopped growing, received molar trim, the list goes on and on and on. Chooch gets his incisor trimmed and molars checked every 3 to 4 weeks (and a check over)so its not too short or too long, very very difficult window. NEW PROBLEM: constant draining eyes, especially when eating, very difficult to eat hay, itchy and dirty draining ears. Have researched everywhere, did like pysios thread on elongated roots, but we are not satisfied it's that. I live in a studio apartment so I see and hear everything. Ears drops didn't help, eye drops didn't help, cleaning ears barely helps. He has always had digestive problems, gets critical care, all organic veggies, minced or very thin spaghetti sliced which is hand fed. Put out in a 4x6 run 6 days a week, lives with 2 sows. Lives in a 2x9 cage, open hidies, great bedding, washed with vinegar, good circulation in cage,cleaned 6 days a week, fresh hay twice a day. Tried 1st, special soft 2nd, regular 2nd, 3rd cut Timothy, orchard grass, all failed, so went back to our regular 2nd cut. Excellent Exotic Vet, no mites, uri, heart fine, etc. Kms pellets(which he can't really eat anymore and won't eat mashed or ground in any form, on very low dose of Metacam, on an excellent pro biotic, excellent hay, bedding changed 6 days a week, syringe fed, will eat a little c care if put out as mush, but very little. Praying the last incisor doesn't stop growing. He is a fighter, survivor, lots of energy, but I don't know and can't find the source of the eye and ear problem. Tried a chin sling, didn't work. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks soo much,
Lara and Romeo (aka Chooch) Berthiaume


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I can't seem to edit post. Chooch is also weighed daily, weight fluctuates with teeth. He doesn't eat anything on his own besides minimal hay (lots offered) and wheatgrass, I syringe and feed. He really loves life still. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lara and Romeo

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How about paste this into one of his older threads?

It helps to keep all posts on one guinea pig together.

You mentioned elongated roots which I would have looked into. They can be upper or lower molars that are elongated. You did not mention having an xray. Has one been done recently?

Copy your thread to the link posted above and if you wish, you can copy my comment/questions too.

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