Two pigs: tooth abscess, enlarged heart & liver, fluid in lungs and separately, a URI


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That's very helpful thank you very much. Learning this kind of information enables me to better advocate for the pigs.


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Any chance anyone still has a bottle/image of a prescription bottle of azithromycin that they had nebulized? This is kind of my last ditch effort to try and get Butter a nebulized antibiotic--should they choose to prescribe azithromycin again. I can't even find an example of it online. Part of my problem is my inexperience when it comes to searching for medications as well, though I'm surprised I am unable to find it listed anywhere. I've only come across it in ncbi journals with no specifics on the prescriptive form of azithromycin that is being used in nebulization, I can only find information on azithro in the form of an oral dose.

I feel my chances are pretty slim, but you don't know if you don't ask. Any help anyone could offer in this department would be amazing

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Maybe it would be easier to find another antibiotic that can be nebulized.


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I would hope so too, they just offered the two options of chloramphenicol and azithromycin without budging last time.

Butter just had a sneeze so I ran over and it was opaque with a streak of blood. It's very dry in this house (Chicago winter and central heating) but with a room humidity of roughly 28-30%. He does have a sensitivity to orchard and blue grass hay dust (way more intense to Timothy dust). I read up on a thread from 2006 about a pig with a URI and a bit of blood. Everyone seemed to not think much of it (that they weren't related). Really hoping that's the case here. He's due for a recheck next Wednesday. I wonder if we need to go sooner.

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I've used gentamycin several times when my pigs needed a nebulized antibiotic.


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I'll ask to see if his new culture shows sensitivity to that, thank you.

I don't suppose the blood from the nose seems alarming to anyone?


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So it seems Butter's time has come. To my great sadness. There's quite a bit of story leading up to this moment including vet visits and no results except elevated calcium levels and low levels of phosphorus in his blood.

So all the vet can suspect is that he's crashing.

Any advice in making his passing more comfortable is welcome. It's quiet, he's limply laying in his bed and is covered a bit to stay warm. I don't know whether it's worth forcing him to eat and drink fluids anymore.

His eyes have sunken very deep, into their pockets. And he hasn't urinated for 8 hours despite having had 30 ml.

They say his wbc is low. So they don't think it's the URI relapsing. I feel differently about that. The culture won't be back for a week.

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No, don't force him to eat or drink. Dying people, or animals, are not hungry and usually not thirsty. You can offer him a little water with a syringe, but if he doesn't want it, don't push the issue.

You're doing the right thing by keeping him warm. You may need to cover him with something a little heavier, as body temperature also drops during the dying process.

I'm so sorry, for him and for you.


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Thank you for the advice to not force him to eat or drink. I regret doing it earlier in the day. I just didn't know it was his time.

He has passed on now. It will be a long week and evening. Thank you for your help.

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I am so sorry, Pboots.

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