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I'm writing ask about eating less and no stools for 36 hours.

My Kona had a cut on her lip, so I took her to the vet (a cavy-savvy vet listed on Monday (5 days ago) and the vet gave us the baytril.
After second dose, however, she ate less than before (she left the half of her usual pellet) and didn't want to come out from the hut, so I stopped giving it on Wednesday (3 days ago, after fourth dose; I read an article about antibiotic intolerance, but I'm not sure whether this is caused by the baytril or stress). She came out from hide, drank water. ate pellets, but I found her stools were very small and tear-drop shaped Thursday (2 days ago).

Because I couldn't see any stools until Friday night (24 hrs), I took her vet and she got Sub Q injection. The vet told me I would need MetaCam and hand-feeding.

Today she didn't eat any pellets during the night and ate very small amount hays. She rejected to eat Vitamin C tablet. She ate her usual veggies (red leaf lettuce, endives).

My questions are:
- Kona eats veggies (eagerly), hays (small amount), pellets (small amount), but does she still need a hand-feeding? My concern is it would stress her out more.
- Is MetaCam the right medicine? This is a pain killer, but Kona doesn't seem in pain (she grooms herself in the hut).
- I read that guinea pigs do not get constipation. then, fewer stools are only cause by the bloat? The vet checked Kona's tummy and she told me it sounded fine. and She was 30g heavier compare to Monday.

Thank you so much your help! I tried to search every article I need, but I couldn't find an article about eating less (she eats veggies eagerly, so I suppose this is not about 'not eating'). It would be great if you could give me a link to related topics.

Kind regards, Kiko.


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I found out that there is a similar topic posted below:

The vet didn't mention about handfeeding or probiotic when she gave the baytril to me.
I think I need to start hand-feeding. If you have additional advice, please let me know.

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Post   » Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:46 pm

You determine if the eating less is a problem by weighing daily any time an illness is suspected. It sounds like you need to start weighing now and do start hand feeding. Not many stools often mean not eating enough (though some ill guinea pigs will eat their stools, they still need hand feeding).

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