What can I do about my boars?

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My sister's friend found out that she was allergic to guinea pigs so I offered to take them because I've had guinea pigs before. When I got them, they were separated into two small cages. Apparently before I took them they were both housed into one of these cages and one tore the others ear. I know how important it is to keep guinea pigs in pairs so i saved up for a while to get them out of these separate too-small cages and bought a large c&c cage. I had put my boars in a neutral area while I built the new cage and put new bedding in. After I added my boars to their new cage I had had to leave for work. When I came back, my smaller boar was missing patches of fur and had a small cut on his back. They were chattering their teeth at each other so I separated them. Neither had seemed badly damaged except for the small cut and missing fur, which I wouldn't have seen unless there hadn't been a random piece of fur sticking up on my smaller boars' back. Is there anything I could do to get them used to each other? What did I do wrong? Is there anyway I could have them together in the future? I have not had any major issues with this before and any help or advice is great
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First, read this on how to do introductions: http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html. It can take hours and hours in the neutral area, and they shouldn't be put into a cage until they're thoroughly worn out.

When you've got a day to give to it, try the introductions again. When you're ready to put them in the cage, give them a buddy bath -- the shared terror may help them tolerate each other a little. You can also try putting a tiny, tiny drop of vanilla just above the nose. That way, they'll both smell the same, and it may dampen their territorial tendencies a little.

Take any hideys out that only have one door. Hang some fleece forests so they're not always in each other's line of sight. Put at least two piles of hay in the cage, as well as two water bottles and feeding/pellet dishes. Separate those things so they can use them without getting in each other's way.

Other than that, just be patient. Usually a boar pair will work, but it may take a while for them to settle down.

How old are they?


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They are both a year old and are actually brothers and were with each other until the previous owners separated them. Thank you for the helpful tips! I will try to properly introduce them!


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The previous owner probably separated them because the boys were going through puberty and they started fighting. They still are, to some extent, as the "teen years" last from about 6 months old to about 12 to 18 months old, depending on the individual pig. While they are "teens" they will fight more and be more obnoxious, more bratty in general, both to each other and to you. They need lots of space and as bpatters said, two of everything and places they can go to be out of each other's sight and way. Yet they also need to be with each other too. Read up on how to do introductions the right way as per the link given, and the buddy bath and vanilla will help tons.

Make sure you re-clean the C&C cage to get rid of all their scents, especially if one boar is getting to live in it while they are separated. If you must do that, let it be the smaller boar that usually gets picked on. But it would be better if neither boar has it all to himself until they are both in it. And then it should smell neutral when they are placed in it together after proper introductions have been completed as per the link.

After they are about 18 months old they should settle down quite a bit. Right now their hormones are raging. Think back to your teen years. . . .

(I should clarify that guinea pigs can reproduce before they hit the "teen years" so maybe I shouldn't call it going through puberty, but the overall bratty, obnoxious, irritable - "go away you are ruining my life!" attitude of typical human teens is what the pigs go through between about 6 to 18 months of age.)

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