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Post   » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:38 am

Something REALLY weird happened tonight. Domino (my disabled boar & only) was sleeping in his cage. It was dinnertime, so I opened the door to give him his bowl like I always do. He JUMPED STRAIGHT UP, hit his lamp (it's LEDs so it's
not hot), fell down on his back, waving his feet in the air, as if he was trying to turn over and couldn't, and wheeking. At first, I thought he'd been in a deep sleep, having a great dream, and I startled him. I picked him up and cuddled him to calm him down. That's when I noticed he didn't look right, and when I moved my finger towards his good eye, he didn't blink. I think he MIGHT have had a stroke and may be blind....or, the blindness may be temporary, Idk. After a bit I put him back in his cage for dinner and noticed his head was tilted to one side and he was limping on his back legs and seemed to have trouble staying upright!. He didn't eat much of his lettuce dinner, but had a chunk of peeled apple and a grape for his bedtime snack. This scared the CRAP out of me!!! Jerk husband says, what do you expect at his age. (We don't'know EXACTLY how old he is but we've had him at least 5-6 years - maybe longer. I am aware of their life expectancy, but he's special. He had a tapeworm recently, I ordered the meds but they haven't arrived yet.

Last time I checked on him, he was lying still, not curled up, breathing more heavily than usual and sometimes shaking a bit as though he's cold. I gave him his cozy to keep him warm, but he never liked it.

I will TRY to get him in to the small animal vet later today (Saturday), but there's only one around here, so it might not be possible. All I can do is beg them to see him, and I will.

In the meantime, I would really appreciate any advice or ideas from more experienced piggy parents, just PLEASE don't tell me that he's going to die. I'm not ready to give up on him yet.

Thank you very much.

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Post   » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:24 am

I do not know what caused his behavior but it certainly sounds like he may have been injured by the jump.

Let us know what the vet says.


Post   » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:36 pm

So, is your boar okay?

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