Emergency! Male guinea pig peeing blood.

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Post   » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:56 pm

Hi i am very concerned for my little boy twix. Hes almost a year or two years old and hasnt grown since i got him. I pick him up and its like picking up a stack of papers theres a little weight but hes very light. I was cuddling him before work and i had my white uniform shirt on. All of a sudden he starts making little squeaks almost like in pain and i feel warmth. I lift him up and i see pink on my shirt. I had to change and go to work, my husband is a cna and he thinks he just bit his own penis. We were gonna look at his penis for a wound when we get home but i want someones opinion. On both things the size and weight thing and the peeing blood because it was from him peeing not from him just sitting there. I dont know how to upload photos otherwise i would. I know that this could probably use photos for reference.


Post   » Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:55 pm

From what I know (although I'm not one of the experts on here and this is all just based on what I've read on here), peeing with blood and pain is almost always a stone or UTI. You'll need to see an exotics vet for either problem. Until then, you should weigh daily and make sure that Twix is eating and drinking enough; if he isn't, you may need to supplement with Critical Care to make sure he doesn't lose weight.

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Post   » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:25 am

The three obvious possibilities are a stone, a UTI, and a wound, as in, he bit his own penis. Squeaking while pooping is the classic sign of stones, although they sometimes do squeak when peeing.

Check his penis carefully, but I think that's the less likely problem. You do need to see an exotic vet for either the stone or a UTI. Don't bother with a small animal vet. "Small animal" means dogs and cats, not exotic pets, and general vets aren't trained to deal with exotics.

You do need to get him in quickly. A stone can fall into the urethra and completely block the flow of urine, and that's a full-on medical emergency. Syringe him extra fluids in the meantime. Most pigs love pedialyte (the generic is just as good as the brand name stuff, and costs half as much).

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