Guinea pig limping

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hi friend!

Need immediately help. I have two guinea pigs named fluffy and icy. I assume both are female. Last month fluffy started gaining weight. Since I am a first time guinea pig owner I thought she is putting on weight. Last week to my surprise I saw three baby guinea pups running in the cage. Immediately I understood icy was the male and shifted him to a different place. Now fluffy lives with her three babies. This afternoon like always fluffy came out of her cage to be on my lap for a while and jumped back again to her cage. From the time she returned to her cage she is lifting her right back leg and walking. Only while walking she isn't using her leg. Otherwise she scratches herself with that leg. Even if I touch her on that leg she doesn't show any symptom of pain. Please help me. What could be the issue. I am feeling really worried.

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She's probably got more problems than just leg pain -- if the male was in the cage when she gave birth, she's probably pregnant again. It can happen within minutes of her giving birth. And back-to-back pregnancies are VERY hard on the sow and the second litter of pups.

Make sure you're feeding her high-quality hay and pellets, as well as good vegetables. Get some plain vitamin C tablets and supplement her with about 100 mg. per day, then drop back to 30-40 mg. per day. The walking problem may be due to a vitamin C deficiency, or to something else. She could have injured it when she jumped back into the cage. Never let a guinea pig jump from your hands to the cage -- hold them firmly until their feet are on the ground. Their backs do not bend backwards like a hamster's would, and it is very easy for them to have a back injury when jumping even from a low place.

Any male pups will have to be separated from mom and sisters at 21 days of age -- they can go in with dad. Do please turn them all over and compare their private parts so you don't have a repeat of your surprise pregnancy. And you can also use to help.

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Here are some tips for safely handling your guinea pig:

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