Young guinea pig eating but not gaining weight.....

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Post   » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:47 pm

Hi there. Will try to keep this as brief as possible....

We have three pigs. All males. 10-12 weeks old at this point. Purchased from Petco. Sick within a day of coming home. Lesson learned to not fall in love with and adopt piggies from big chain pet stores. That’s a whole other topic. Anyway. They were all treated for URI. Two got worse and the vet put them all on stronger meds to treat for more serious URI / possibly phnemonia. Everyone is better from the respitory illness. However our one pig, Fred, was not gaining weight and growing like the others and at one point was losing. He hasn’t stopped eating. He eats and drinks like the others. I felt concerned since his cage mates were above 500g and Fred was 390g and even fell to 376g. So with research on this forum I started feeding him critical care mixed with baby applesauce, pedialyte, and baby oatmeal, about 12ml syringe every 3 hours (he is also getting all the regular piggie diet basics, hay/oxbow pellets/veggies/and offering vitamin c tablets). This morning he weighed in at 416g. Which is an improvement for sure. But his cage mates are now well over 600g. So how long is it safe to continue this supplemental feeding regimen? And when do I stop to see if he will maintain and then continue to gain weight on his own? Even his genitalia was way more underdeveloped than his brothers. Now that seems to have changed and his boy anatomy is more apparent. I feel worried for him. I feel like I am walking around in the dark hoping this will work, but it would be great if others, more experienced could way in.

Thanks for listening.
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Post   » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:33 pm

Pigs of the same age are no more the same size than kids of the same age are. It's possible that he was much younger than the other two and will catch up. It's also possible that he's just a smaller pig.

I'd try gradually decreasing the amount of the supplemental feedings, and gradually increasing the amount of time between them. Do weigh him daily, preferably before breakfast, to see if he's maintaining his weight.


Post   » Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:33 am

I forgot to mention, when he was in the 300g range, he was very bony. I could feel his jaw bone, ribs, hips, etc..

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