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I’ve had my female piggy (Ginny) for 4 years. Never before has had a poo problem. Lots of Timothy hay, pellets, lettuce daily, and other fresh fruits & veggies in little doses sporadically (banana, orange, pepper, cantaloupe, etc).

A month ago, I introduced a new female piggy (Toffee) so she could have a friend. My older piggy has been alone since I adopted her. Everything was good, they were getting along, all seemed well. I thought perhaps Ginny ate Toffee’s helping of lettuce, because she had a watery, brown mush poop. I took Ginny to the vet, they monitored her all day, gave me antibiotics, infant gas relief drops, and oxbow clinical care. This whole time Ginny had been eating occasionally on her own, now she’s not really at all. I cut out all fruits & veggies, has only been eating hay, pellets, and critical care. Now, I have to force critical care down her throat with a syringe.

Nothing the vet has suggested has helped. The antibiotics didn’t help. Does anyone have any suggestions or dealt with anything similar?

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What antibiotic did they give? What strength was it? What was the dose?

Was she given a probiotic?

How much is she eating on her own?

Eating another pig's helping of lettuce won't cause watery poop. A little soft, maybe, depending on how much lettuce, but not watery.


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They gave Meloxidyl, 1.5mg/ml for 2 days (those are up).

No probiotic, but Infant Gas Relief Drops, 1mg every 8 hours.

She is eating little to nothing on her own at this point. She was the other day but today basically nothing. I’m extremely concerned.

She had watery/unformed poop since before the antibiotics. It’s been 5 days at this point since it started. Today is the first day she’s very turned off to food.

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So she has not had an antibiotic, so therefore nothing to treat the digestive problems.

You need to get her to a good exotic vet ASAP. Don't bother with a small animal vet -- they treat dogs and cats, not exotic pets.

She MUST eat, or she'll die. Unlike humans/dogs/cats/etc, guinea pigs constantly excrete stomach acid. If they don't have food moving through their stomachs at all times, they'll develop painful and/or fatal ulcers. They also can develop GI stasis/bloat, where the gut stops moving and the contents ferment and cause lots of gas. You've got to hand feed her if she's going to have any hope of living.

See http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html on how to do that. I find a pet feeding syringe from one the pet stores much easier to use than the very small syringes, but if you've got an uncooperative pig, the small ones may be the way to go. Put the pig on a table and snuggle it in the crook of your elbow. Hold the head firmly with that hand, covering the eyes as much as possible. Insert the syringe at a 90 degree angle to the jaw, behind the front teeth and in front of the back teeth. Turn the syringe back toward the throat, insert it about a quarter inch, and give the pig about 1/4 - 1/2 ml at a time.

A pig that's not eating anything else needs 100+ cc of Critical Care or pellet slurry for every kilogram it weighs, every day, split into 6-8 feedings around the clock. Adjust up or down according to the weight of the pig, and down if it's eating some on its own.

Post back here if you have questions or problems, but DO feed the pig.


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I will try that. I thought Meloxidyl was an antibiotic. I’ve been hand feeding her critical care with a syringe today, as well ask putting water in a syringe to ensure she stays hydrated.

Thank you for your help, I will post back updates.

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Meloxidyl is an anti-inflammatory/pain medicine, a generic for Meloxicam.


Post   » Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:08 pm

Ugh, I’m so frustrated! I thought it was an antibiotic! I have an exotic yet lined up and am calling tomorrow. I will keep hand feeding her critical care.

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Post   » Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:05 pm

And do read over http://www.guinealynx.info/diarrhea.html also. I hope it clears up.

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