Enlarged eye?

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Post   » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:23 pm


A little bit ago I went into the piggies room to feed them like I do each morning. I usually have to take the mother pig out and feed her because the babies eat like savages then try to steal food from her. So, I was looking at her from dead on and noticed her right eye is just slightly larger. Both eyes are clear even the enlarged one. She is eating and acting like her usual self, popcorning, purring etc. but could this be the start of an eye infection? I am also concerned because the exotic vet that sees our pigs works three days a week and none of the emergency vets around me see guinea pigs (If she starts to get worse there is an emergency vet about 3 hours away that sees pigs, so need be I would take her). I'm just really nervous if anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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Post   » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:42 pm

An enlarged eye isn't usually a sign of infection if there are no other signs of infection (pus, drainage, etc). But I would worry about whether there's something behind the eye causing it to bulge out. I'd keep a close eye on her, and get her to the local exotic vet the first day s/he's in the office.


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I will most defiantly make an appointment when she's back in the office. Thank you for the quick reply!!!

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