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Hello all and thank you for letting me join this amazing site. I purchased an American crested red sow guinea pig yesterday. I already have 2 females and I purchased her as I felt so bad for her. If she wasn’t sold she was going to be eaten. When I arrived at the house to pick her up I noticed how extremely fat she is. I asked how far along she was in her pregnancy and they said ‘oh no she’s not pregnant’. She is VERY pregnant and I can hear the teeth chattering and babies frequently moving. I have bred cavies in my old stud before deciding I would be better off keeping to a small amount of guinea pigs and rescueing instead of breeding more into the world. My question is, should I being keeping a super close eye on her as she seems to be super close to having them or is it possible she still has a bit to go?
Thanks in advance!

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Post   » Fri May 25, 2018 9:33 am

You likely have a better idea of when she might give birth than we would. The info I have here is:

I would think you would watch for widening of her pubic symphsis. Too bad the people you got her from could not give you information to plan with.
Harkness and Wagner in The Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents describe how the pubic symphsis begins to separate late in the pregnancy due to the hormone relaxin. About 48 hours before birth, you may be able to feel a gap of 15mm or so. At birth it can increase to 2.5 cm (1-1.5"). "If the first breeding is delayed past 7 or 8 months, the symphysis separates less easily, and fat pads occlude the pelvic canal. Such impediments may lead to dystocia and death, especially when small litters of large young are involved)."
I would have a vet lined up in case there are complications.

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