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Hi there! I'm looking for some help and advice on what to do, I'm really struggling at the moment on what to do next! This is a long story but, I feel you'll need this information! My 3 1/2 year old female guinea - Agatha - has been struggling this past year and a half with numerous things. She had a hard start in life - delivered to a certain UK pet supply store, had been wrongly sexed on the trip over so she ended up with males - got pregnant, had her babies on the shop floor where they unfortunately didn't survive due to the other females, got horrendously sick afterwards due to stress (severe ringworm, URI etc) I adopted her when she was around 16 weeks old and she had a few flare ups of croaky breathing now and again which were under control with anti b's and also steroids which then stopped working. We changed our bedding and hygiene routine about a bit and so far she's okay, much better than what she was, but we still don't know what causes it. One of her friends passed away in June 2017 and they were the original twosome that myself and my husband adopted. Since, May '17 she's very gradually lost weight. She was a good 900g in April '17 and as of tonight she's now 712g. She has had her teeth checked numerous times (never had a trim or her molars filed), recent xrays done, abdominal scan (which confirmed a very small ovarian cyst - about 1p size - this was diagnosed last year and is regularly checked for size) - she's been on oral Metacam for about 10 days along with 2x20ml critical care feeds (with added probiotics and an energy form of critical care, like a white powder). She was started on Metacam as I thought she was sore, quite wobbly, hunched over and not her usual vocal cheeky self. She perked up the first few days immediately, really vocal and inquisitive, loves her daily feeds and eating well. Her ribs, spine, hips and tail bone are very prominent - if she wasn't an Abyssinian I think she'd look awful. Her coat is shiny, eyes bright, vocal, still eating and drinking but I'm at a complete loss as to what this could be. Even with the extra 2 feeds a day, she doesn't seem to gain weight, for the past 3 weeks she's gone between 760g - 712g and everything in between. I'm just wanting someone to point me in a different direction to try something new or tell me something I need to get checked! I'm a student Vet Nurse and have access to an Exotics vet. Aggie also has a companion - Pumpkin - who cuddles with her :) thanks and sorry for the essay!

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I encourage you to repost this on your medical original topic. I'm having trouble reading it. If you could break it up into several paragraphs with lines of space between the paragraphs it will be easier to read for some of us older folks.

I am sorry you are having a difficult time helping her. Did the xray include the skull? (dental xray?)

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