How to know if your guinea Pig had/is having a stroke?

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Post   » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:12 am

*please don’t get into bashing me because I currently can’t take her to a vet, please also skip telling me I’m an irresponsible pet owner because she also isn’t mine lol*

Recently my little sister called me crying because her guinea pig(Her name is rattles and she’s only had her for two months, though she is possibly way older than that)
Started to walk funny because her back limb(only one) is now weak and she is from what was explained to me falls over from time to time. She still eats, drinks, poops but I think someone may have scared her by telling her she’s dying and having a stroke. My mom has spent all of her money moving and is unable to spend money on a vet(just to get her checked out will cost $95 at the nearest vet) and that’s not something she has right now. I just wanted to know what exactly this could be(I’m aware no one can give a 100% diagnosis but some pointers would help so I can sooth my sister). I personally think it may be a breeder issue because she got the little thing from a flea market? I’m in the process of getting money to get her looked at but I still wanted to know what signs to look for but the main thing is:is she dying? My sister loves her to pieces and this is weighing on me heavy because she’s only 9

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Post   » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:06 am

The "lol" at the end of your disclaimer seems inappropriate; sick/injured pig is not really something to laugh about...

No one can diagnose your sister's pig over the internet, she needs to be seen in person.  I'm not sure what you expect here?

If she is a very shiny pig, she may have a bone disease.  She could have also injured her leg?  We would need more info and possibly photos to even point you in a direction.  She really needs a vet, so it is good you are saving money.  Maybe you could apply for Care Credit?



Post   » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:37 am

Again: I’m working on taking her myself. No one is laughing at the little piggie being in pain, calm down and read. My original question was asking for the signs of a stroke, if you can’t answer that for me(which is fine I got my answers from a different fourm now) then your best bet would be to just not respond.

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Post   » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:55 am

You would likely see weakness on one side, just like in a human. The facial muscles on the same side would have issues.

As PinkRufus says, this may be an injury but we don't know. It is the kind of thing one sees a vet for.

With injuries, one would restrict movement to let things heal. A vet might give steroids to prevent swelling. Diet can cause problems too.

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