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ok i feel like im doing something wrong. i am syringe feeding my guinea pig and have a few questions and concerns. he weighs about 2.5lbs so how much food should i be feeding him a day? also i am aiming towards 3 ml every 4 hours but i feel like after 1ml when i try giving him more after about 10 min of waiting for him to chew some food spills out his mouth like hes not eating all of it. also should i be giving him water during the same session or in seperate session as like i said before his mouth seems to be full.

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Why do you have to syringe feed him? Is he not eating on his own? Just curious. When I had to hand feed Scruffy, the instructions I got were to mix 3 tablespoons of critical care with one tablespoon of water and syringe feed that amount every 4 hours. What I found out from that experience and good advice from this forum is that there's really no sense in measuring anything out or worrying about how much based on weight if hand feeding is due to a sick piggie that is not eating on their own.

The best thing to do is to is take a giant scoop of the critical care, add water slowly and mix until it gets to the best consistency. Get as much of that into the piggie as you can and refrigerate the rest. The next feeding, 4 hours later, warm it up to room temperature and repeat the process, mixing more if you need it. And don't worry too much about spilling it. Just make sure you get the sryinge into his mouth about as far as his back molars.

It'll keep in the fridge for 24 hours after it's mixed up. You can microwave it as long as it doesn't get hot and it's evenly warmed up. I have a 100 CC syringe I kept it in and I ran hot water over it until it was room temperature. Either way works as long as it's not too warm. The guinea pig usually gets enough water from the critical care, but you can give him extra water during feeding or anytime you feel he is not getting enough. There's a hand feeding guide on this site that is very informative.


There's a whole bunch of useful information on just about everything you might encounter with a guinea pig. It's indexed, so click on the link you need. Keep weighing him daily. Very important to ensure he's not losing or gaining too much weight. Best of luck and I hope your piggie gets better.


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thank you very much i appreciate it. He is not eating on his own so i am feeding him through a syringe. Vet gave me some antibiotics and gave him some vitamin shots and i have slowly seen him eat small pieces of hay on his own and hold his wood toys in his mouth for a bit. I guess i just overthink the measurments but ill just give him what i can in one sitting and once hes not having it ill fridge the rest. thank you

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I am closing this thread to avoid duplication/confusion, since you already have a medical thread (here) in which you ask about handfeeding and have been given additional advice.

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