Boars Living Together


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Fabulous - I don't mind if you edit out all this format stuff to make it a Cleaner reference I was never here.


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Lynx, I don't mind re-doing it to save you the trouble.


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Oh, I see that you already did it. Thank you. I am sorry to cause trouble! Somewhere in my puny brain I thought it would be easier if people could just see the pics. I don't use Netscape, so it had never occured to me before. How annoying.

I would really like to get more boar stories, especially multiple boar/sow households--so people can email me at if they have something to say on the matter.

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Scooters Pet

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Charybdis I sent you the only picture I had of 3 of my boys.Luckly I saved in my photo album on yahoo before my computer crashed and everything got erased.
I also have a picture of 5 of my sows.7 of them live together now and all in harmony.Also 2 live my themselves in peace.Did you want pics of them or just my boys.I got the girls' pics saved so if ya want them I'll send them.


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Thanks, Angie, great pic! I added it to my page:

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Charybdis, please just go to the new topic or reply page and read the notes written in the left hand column. It explains how to use image tags so Netscape people can see the text.


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ok, got it. I didn't mess up again, did I?

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Not that I know of. I may have been mistaken, but I got the impression you might not read it over yet. As long as you (in any other post) follow the hints, we'll be able to see the pics and text will not be covered up should you use an image tag. I'm sure Pinta will let you know if you forgot something.

I won't be bugging you any more :-)

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I GAVE, dammit!

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I thought I had posted pics here of our cage where the sows and boars live side by side. Were those pictures taken out?

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Wrong thread, Paravati :)

You're looking for this one;


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I GAVE, dammit!

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Duh, I just found it, thanks.

I think this topic has like four threads to it anyway.


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I wish I had that kind of information when we were getting our piggs.

I saw so many males that were not getting adopted because of the miss information.

I have a situation now where I have a female that is not getting along with the other females. I have her seperated but only by the cubes so she is not totally alone.

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Charybdis- Did you get my email about my boars? (from


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recently? than, no. try the yahoo address:


Post   » Sun May 18, 2003 1:51 am

It's so true, with careful introduction and matching up personalities the boys often live hapily ever after in small groups. They are so much hapier when they have a friend aswell.

I've alway chosen males as pets as they are harder to rehome and now, I foster only males for a rescue, because of that. I think being away from females helps, when introducing and establishing groups and my permanent guys won't get upset as much by female smells.

Something I'd like to add, is that the times when guinea pigs are most likely to fall out is when one is being overly randy and the other gets so sick of the mounting the he snaps and nips the other, which in some cases can end up in them falling out if one is very touchy.
Apart from puberty, hormones and exposure to females, the other thing that makes some males randy is if they have debris stuck in the genitals. If your boys are acting up and mounting a lot, checking that area and cleaning if necessary, often sorts it out, but let them settle down for a while and get both (all) out for a cuddle together before putting back in.

I try to get all the rescue males in pairs for rehoming (once they're are definately healthy), or help with intros to existing pigs at a new home. I've only had 1 guinea pig that couldn't ever go with another, and we have one awkward one (very hormonal) at the mo, but hope to find him a friend soon. He'll calm down over time, and we might find a tolerant piggie, willing to put up with his mounting long enough for him to get bored with it.

We also have a happy set of 4 in a large indoor pen (my pets and ones that can't be rehomed, my pets for life now), all bar 2 are different ages, and from different places put together at different times. They have lots of space and have places to be alone if they want a break from the others, which is what makes it work. They are all fairly laid back, and none would ever stop another from getting to the food bowl or water bottle, though they do have to queue sometimes and there is a definate pecking order. They were carefully matched though and a lot of guinea pigs wouldn't behave so well.

We've had a few threesomes too. Pairs are easier though by a long way.


Knee Deep

Post   » Sun May 18, 2003 10:02 am

I guess I should update here.

I tried to intro a third boar to Fudge and Sparky, they both liked the new boar, but turned on each other.

Since their "falling out" Fudge now lives with a different boar named Oliver(the prize the boys started fighting over). And Sparky lives with two guys named Rover and Lincoln.

Both sets of boars also live in a room that houses 16 females(seperate of course), they've been in this set up for a week at this point and no problems with the guys getting overly excited with the scent of the ladies.

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