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UP Lisa

Post   » Wed Jun 19, 2002 1:24 pm

Hello. Both aspen and Yesterdays News are available in my area. Have any of you used Yesterdays News? Do you like it? Does the aspen really work well? I´m wondering if Yesterdays News is worth the price.



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Post   » Wed Jun 19, 2002 1:30 pm

Lisa, do a search under "The great bedding quest". There is a lot of information in that thread. I´d post the link for you, but I don´t know how!

UP Lisa

Post   » Wed Jun 19, 2002 3:25 pm

I have checked it out. Thanks. Still haven´t found any opinions on Yesterdays News, though.

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Post   » Wed Jun 19, 2002 3:55 pm

Here we go again. <chuckle>

Here&acute;s a quick summary of some old posts.

I like YN.
I use a 50-50 mixture of YN and kiln-dried Pine.
The combination lasts a week (2 pigs, 10 square feet)

The downside of YN is that it can be pricey.
I pay ~$13 for a 30lb bag.
A 10 square foot cage takes 75-80% of a bag.
Expensive. But Jim and I are dinks (double income, no kids).

YN is also heavy to lug around.
For some people that is a drawback.
I like a work-out.

Some people report their pigs nibble YN.
Mine don&acute;t.
I don&acute;t think it&acute;s harmful -- no more so than newspaper.

Some people think YN is harsh on the pig&acute;s feet.
Mine are fine with it.
Besides, the pine on top is soft.

Someone pointed out that YN is marketed for cats.
My pets don&acute;t read.

Some people prefer pine pellets to YN.
Pine pellets are cheaper.
I don&acute;t like the way pine pellets disintegrate when wet though.

A lot of people like Carefresh better.
It&acute;s soft and light.
And some people have found places to get Carefresh cheaply.
I think Carefresh gets wet and smelly faster.
Carefresh+Pine would be my second choice.
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Post   » Wed Jun 19, 2002 4:17 pm

Oh... and here is a link to a thread that started out discussing water bottles... but shifted quickly to bedding:

And here&acute;s another that more directly answers the question:

UP Lisa

Post   » Fri Jun 21, 2002 7:42 am

Thanks everybody. I know you have to keep answering this again and again.



Post   » Sat Jun 22, 2002 10:38 am

Just wanted to pass along something that works well for us.

I have two cages together approx 7 feet total. The 2 joining sides removed and cages wired together. In the middle where each of the cage bottom pans meet I have a rug piece over the hurdle. ( Good because gives them exercise to jump and fling themselves off from -funny to see them hit the ground and then popcorn LOL )

One cage is used for Pigloos, food/ hay veggies/water. The other cage ( or other side ) is toys, play house . Then the play tube is attached to cage side off the floor ( more runnning room that way ) they can get into it straight from the hurdle in the middle.

In each cage I line with a very fluffy bathmat. They pee along the side of the cage so under the mat I have the napkins and on top of the mat I have a thin hand towel in those places.

Every day at veggie time I take them out to run around and use a small hand vac to pick up their poop. It&acute;s Very quick and efficent and cage is spotless following.

I have used baby wipes as well to just give the bathmat fur a quick washdown that doesn&acute;t make it too wet ( good to wipe Piggies down too if needed ) If the hand towel where they pee is very wet I replace it with a dry one. Usually every two days or so.

Once a week - I change and wash the bathmats. I picked them up at Target for 5.99 each so I have several. I went for the thinner ones - cheap and easy to wash several at a time.

I really like it this way. Cleaner, softer , looks better in my livingroom, no running to have to pick up bags of bedding and certainly a lot cheaper.
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Post   » Sat Jun 22, 2002 11:17 am

Hey, you have any pics? I think it&acute;s great to have people work out different methods of caring for their pigs. How many pigs do you have? (or did you say already?)


Post   » Sat Jun 22, 2002 12:28 pm

I like Aspen shavings and Carefresh just about equally, but only because I get a good deal on the Carefresh, $8.10 for 50L. Otherwise, I find the regular retail price to be too expensive. It does make great compost though!

Incidentally, I&acute;ve been reading reports of Carefresh shipped in compressed 50L packaging, from online sources such as the Ferret Store. There seems to be some confusion over the amount of product in these packs compared to the regular loose filled 50L bags of Carefresh. Always on the lookout for a good deal, I contacted the manufacturer. There is the same amount in each 50L bag, regardless of whether it is compressed or loose.

Excerpt from email message:
The loose fill bag and the press pack bag contain the same amount of
product. I think the press pack gives the illusion of more because of
the way it looks and if you are scooping rather than pouring it may seem
like you are getting more.

Linda Kintner
Customer Service Rep.
International Absorbents


Post   » Sun Jun 23, 2002 12:56 pm

Sorry no pictures yet - need help scanning them : (

I have had my two boars for about 5 weeks now. Purchased from a petstore ( I didn&acute;t know I could have adopted ..I do now from finding this website)

Not sure of their ages ( 4 -5 months ? ) but they were very tiny when I got them and have doubled in size.

One baby ( Simon ) bright eyed, curious and almost hyper. First to figure out toys and hiding spaces. First to approach me, walk right up my chest and then run away. First to get kicked out of the pigloo by the other one for being such a pest.

The other baby ( Sebastian ) quiet from the beginning . Although he is quiet he stated his dominance immediately with Simon and that pigloo. ( I have two pigloo&acute;s now..cut out the front part enlarging the doorways for ventilation and less isolation ).

For all his dominance dispay on his pigloo, Sebastian follows Simon around constantly and while can&acute;t seem to figure out how Simon climbs up ramps and figures out how to get in and out of the cage ( Simon is very smart ) he seems genuinely fond of Simon
Simon is tan and white with medium length hair that sticks up on his behind. Sebastian is long haired tan and white and his hair is just a mass of cowlicks standing straight up all over his body. They both are the cutest litle creatures I have ever seen.


Post   » Sun Jun 23, 2002 1:20 pm

M 121212 - They sound adorable, and I love their names too!

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Post   » Mon Jun 24, 2002 7:21 am

We put YN in their litter box and aspen in the rest of the cage. The aspen chips are about the size of a quarter and the pigs have no trouble with it.

UP Lisa

Post   » Mon Jun 24, 2002 8:11 am

What do you all use for litter pans? Do they actually use them?



Post   » Sat Jun 29, 2002 6:24 pm

On the alternative-bedding theme . . . for about the last month we&acute;ve been using polarfleece blankets, which so far have worked out well. In one end of the cage is a kitty litter box lined with newspaper and a thick layer of hay (changed daily -- this is where both pigs do the majority of their hanging out and peeing). The rest of the cage is a cheap fleece blanket -- I have two and change them every 2-3 days -- doubled over, and underneath that, a thick layer of newspaper. A couple of times a day I shake out the blanket into the trash, and once a day I&acute;ll turn it so that a fresh side is "up." I find that any wetness tends to get wicked down into the newspaper, while the surface the pigs are on stays dry and soft. The fleece is also a lot easier to wash and dry than towels were -- I went that route briefly, but I don&acute;t have a tumble dryer, and the laundry load became too unmanageable very quickly. Not a problem with fleece. The blankets cost me roughly $4 apiece at the discount shop, and the newspaper we have lying around anyway, newsaholics that we are, so this setup has been a good one from the economic standpoint as well. I&acute;d initially read something about using fleece as a dust-free bedding for asthmatic pigs -- my pigs aren&acute;t asthmatic, but my husband and son are, so I thought I&acute;d give it a whirl. So far, as I say, I&acute;m really happy with it -- I&acute;m not cleaning the cage any more often than I was spot-cleaning with shavings, and a whole-cage cleanup is actually much easier and quicker than the old spot-cleanings were.

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For the love of my girls!

Post   » Sat Jun 29, 2002 7:03 pm

Pozone, how big is your cage and how many pigs do you have? I really like the idea of using fleece, but I think my cage is too big. It is 6 by 2 grids with a loft. I have 4, soon to be 5, pigs. I wish there was a place in the pen where the girls did NOT pee!! Seems like I am always picking up handfuls of wet litter.


Post   » Sun Jun 30, 2002 2:19 pm

i get all my cavy stuff like bedding and pellets at my friends werehouse so i get 30 pound bags for 3 dollors good deal eh?fresh and good
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Post   » Sun Jun 30, 2002 2:24 pm

A good deal if they are good quality pellets. Not all pellets are created equal, however.


Post   » Sun Jun 30, 2002 4:03 pm

i read a book and it says what the pellets need in them they have the same and in some they have more

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Post   » Sun Jun 30, 2002 4:48 pm

If you want some feedback on the actual quality of your pellets, you might list the manufacturer and ingredients.

They may look the same superficially, but can be a poorer quality product. Not to say yours is, you haven&acute;t told us what you are using. Some guinea pig pellets are even made with animal byproducts (not recommended).


Post   » Sun Jun 30, 2002 5:47 pm

Hi, Kara --

Re the polarfleece question -- I have two pigs in (cringe -- I know it&acute;s too small) a 7 sq.-foot cage. They spend a lot of time out of the cage, which may be one reason the fleece works well, though even in the morning, when they&acute;ve been in all night, it&acute;s still pretty dry. They have never been real neatniks, when it comes to where they pee, but they seem to pee most in the "hay room" at one end, since it&acute;s where they spend most of their time, hanging out and grazing and sleeping. Squeaky has a favorite sleep-spot on the fleece, and that&acute;s about the only place that ever gets damp -- mostly there&acute;s just a pile of poop where his behind has been parked all night.

I do notice when I take up the blanket to shake it that there are pee spots on the paper underneath, so I know they&acute;re not being all that tidy about it, yet the blanket stays dry on top. Because polarfleece is quick-drying, I think it would work even with a number of messy pigs in a cage, as long as there was something underneath to absorb the moisture (like paper). I think if it were just put straight on the cage bottom, it wouldn&acute;t work as well. One of my grand plans when we move -- sometime in the not-too-distant, but still-indeterminate future -- is to build a seriously bigger cage for the guys, and I&acute;ll definitely keep with this system. It&acute;s as easy, cheap, and low-maintenance as anything I&acute;ve tried, and the pigs seem to like the feel of the fleece. They don&acute;t seem to chew it, either, though they&acute;ll go for an edge of newspaper if one happens to stick out past the blanket.

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