Strange day at Petsmart

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Post   » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:10 pm

I´m sure you´re right, I was just trying to avoid going to the vet if I could. It´s $50 just to walk in the door and then it goes up after that, so it will be $75 just to walk in with the 3 of them plus the tests and medication (and trust me he is the kind of vet that wants to run all the tests and push that bill high as he can). Don´t ge me wrong I know it needs to be done and since I´m new at this it will be safer to have him do it, and it is really my fault that all 3 will need to be treated as my idea of quaretines was probably as reliable as the Pope´s idea of birth control. It just doesn´t bode well for my "honey 3 Guinea pigs really wouldn´t be any more expensive than 2, can´t we keep him a while longer?"


Post   » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:15 pm

No ... you are asking to buy the ivermectin only, not have your vet dose.

Talk to the receptionist. Tell her you are concerned about mite infestation since this IS a petshop pig and the information you have gathered off the internet says skin scrapings are painful and often false negatives so you would like to treat them with ivermectin due to the situation and broken quarantine.

Then give her the weights of all 3 pigs and request 3 doses for each pig (10 days apart). Ask her to check with the vet and get back to you so you can run in and pick up the ivermectin and 1cc syringe. (My vet just jots down the amount to give next to the weight of each pig, that´s why I recommend giving the weights)

Try it. All he can do is say no, then you can have Lynx help with the horse paste mess.
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Almost Inbred

Post   » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:18 pm

Tina, you´re really cracking me up. What with the ill-mannered germs, oral hepatitis vaccinations, and the pope, you´ve been keeping me tickled. Too funny.

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Post   » Sat Jul 06, 2002 5:37 pm

I´m not too fond of the horse paste either. I prefer the injectable.

It is all the same stuff. There is oral and pour on ivermectin that is just diluted a bit more -- uses the same ingredient to dilute that the injectable does.

Try the vet. I read about people trying to use the dose info I have, even read a vet saying, "yes follow those directions, they´re fine" and then I see that they have figured it out wrong. That´s why the vet should be your best bet.

I hope he will be willing to provide you with doses for your pigs. Nuts, do you get oral doses or do you have to give an injection?


Post   » Sat Jul 06, 2002 10:05 pm

Well, my vet would prefer I do injections but their skin is quite tough so I failed (couldn´t bring myself to do it) and had to have a friend come over to finish injecting the PA pigs. Since that time I´ve always dosed the herd orally with straight ivermectin.

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