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Post   » Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:33 pm

Caramel and Chloe communicate by:
Talking to me: Wheeking, popcorning, sticking noses up to bars! Awww!
Talking to each other: Wheeking, snuggling, grooming

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Post   » Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:39 pm

Mine is pretty vocal. I've known a few cavies and I don't think I've ever encountered one with quite as much to say. He whistles for me pretty consistently every morning when he hears me downstairs - most likely because he wants food.

After feeding him and settling in for a day at work (I work in my home), he usually begs for his desk bed. I have a big, soft, warm lounger for him right on my desk in which he typically spends an entire day and he's usually clambering at his cage walls and wheeking when I'm logging in.

I speak to him softly while very gently stroking his back. It keeps him calm and happy when he's on my lap or my desk and he seems content about the way I interact with him. It also helps when I have to do the things he doesn't like such as pedicures and boar cleanings.


Post   » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:42 pm

My girls will wee in the morning for their fod as always good is the wah to a piggies heart. Acorn and nutmeg and mocha bear all popcorn when i clean the cage. Durning cuddle time i will pet them along their backs and sing to them chestnut will fall asleep eyes closed everytime i do this all the other girls will form into a puddle. Every time i leave in th morning for work they wheek their little hearts out for me to not go, it makes it hard for me to go to work every morning. When i get home from work chestnut wheeks and demands for cuddle time and first gets mad because i left but gets over it


Post   » Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:02 am

Hi all!

I just got a 16week old guinea pig about a week ago. I need some help figuring out this sound it makes when i pet him during lap time please! sometimes it's soft, sometimes it gets louder.

I'm not sure if he likes me.. He does not wheek when i enter the room, or make purring sounds when i pet him in the cage. He doesn't popcorn either. He feeds from my hand, but runs back into the hutch after grabbing the food, then chew on the wodden frame of the hutch once he's done eating. I've tried talking to him and scratching his ears and chin, but he's still nervous and hides in the hutch when my hand is in the cage.

I've tried scouring websites, but i still can't tell if this sound is a nervous or happy one!

Thank you!

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