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Little Jo Wheek

Post   » Thu Sep 12, 2002 7:04 pm

Kara- Yup, Lilac and orange. It is impossible to have lilac and red due to the modifiers (I think) that "lighten" the colors. E should know! I have a lilac, orange, and white boar that she likes (Soleil). Poor guy is still with me! He´s six years old and very ill.


Post   » Thu Sep 12, 2002 9:30 pm

Oh, I love that Soleil. Such a pretty face.

And shame on you for calling him a lilac/orange/white. He´s a rainbow!
(It´s so cool to LOOK smarter than you!)


Post   » Thu Sep 12, 2002 9:34 pm

Soleil is the second picture. (Right, J?)

Little Jo Wheek

Post   » Fri Sep 13, 2002 11:03 pm


Ah yes, rainbow. How could I forget?

Look smarter? I bet!

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Me, too!

Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 7:08 pm

So how many pigs are currently housed at the Humane Society? And how amny do you guys have in foster care? Does KK still have some? Leebee? Julian? Others? I can´t keep track.

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Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 8:18 pm

I can´t keep track either!

PHS has around 40-45 Hollister pigs in the back private area which are Cavy Spirit´s responsibility.

PHS has around 8-10 or so (changes every day) of adoptable pigs up front in the public area - some are from the Monterey shelter that we had transferred up here.

PHS has 36 pigs being held in another area - the ones this thread is about - being treated for mites and held as evidence until they are released. They will probably be released by the end of this week. At that time, PHS expects them to go to "rescue." Cavy Spirit rescue will NOT be taking them. I am beyond my limits and saying no to any and all new pigs right now. WHEN I get back to down to the point where I can accept more, I will ONLY be accepting pigs from shelters from this point on. NO more private surrenders.

I currently have 43 gps for adoption in my home--a mix of the previous pigs I had, the Hollister pigs and the Monterey pigs.

Julian (Sharon) has about 45 or so Monterey pigs for adoption in her home--fostering for Cavy Spirit.

Karen just brought me 5 babies from foster who are ready to adopt out, and luckily she is keeping the 3 mommas! I just got back two fighting males from an adoption about 9-12 months ago. I got 3 adopted out today (net +4 in my home). So, Karen has no more fosters, but we probably still have around 12 or so in foster homes.

So: approximately:

Cavy Spirit pigs:
45 PHS
43 Cavy Spirit
12 Foster
45 Sharon/Monterey
145 Cavy Spirit guinea pigs for adoption, minus the 5 or so I tend to count as long term residents = 140 CS pigs for adoption

+ 36 PHS pigs for adoption at PHS

+150 at Sharlene´s? That´s a guess

+10 at PHS for adoption
241 known for adoption in the immediate vacinity
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Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 8:53 pm

And 1000 ACBA registered breeders. *sigh*

I wish I was closer, guys. I´d take in a few. This is all SO frustrating, being at the other end of the continent.

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For the love of my girls!

Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 8:57 pm

And, as I was drifting off to sleep last night I figured that from the Hollister rescue, we had over 130 pups!!!

Pigs here, pigs there, pups and pigs everywhere!

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Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 9:53 pm

um, I hate to be the one to point out your math is off, Teresa.
When you added 150 at Sharlenes, your total should have been 331, not 231.
The grand total should be 341.

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Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 10:13 pm

oh yeah. Thought the number seemed low. That will teach me not to use my trusty calculator, although I prefer the lower number.

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Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 11:07 pm

Teresa don´t forget Nancy in Pinole.

I GAVE, dammit!

Post   » Sun Sep 15, 2002 11:08 pm

Teresa, how long on average will it take you to place over 300 pigs? Have you ever had this large a number before?
I´m just curious on how many pigs you place in an average month, if there is such a thing in rescue.
I´m just boggled at the numbers, it seems amazing. It also seems amazing that Sharlene has 150. Her feed and bedding bill must be enormous, not counting vet care. I can´t imagine the amount of time it takes to care for all these animals.

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Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 1:20 am

Sharlene usually has at or over 200.

I haven´t called Nancy in Pinole for an update. Ignorance is bliss.

The only reason the adoption rates are up a bit right now is left over press from the rescue and the trip. It´s normally 300 in a couple of years!!

I´ve never had this many before. A month can be zero adoptions up to 25. Before 9/11 and the economy, I used to average maybe 3-6 placements a weekend. It´s picked back up a bit, but for a while I was lucky to do 10 a month.

I GAVE, dammit!

Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 2:13 am

Well, bless your heart, best of luck.
Perhaps you should start an annual guineabago trip.

Ouch! OK Jackie, I take that back!! You can stop pummeling me now.....

Actually, by next year I may be in a position to do some driving myself.

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Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 11:59 am

Teresa, I spoke to Nancy about 3 weeks ago. She adopted out a few pigs to some of your Hollister rejects. I think she hopes you´ll continue to send people her way. I offered to help her get pictures up on Petfinder but I never heard back from her.

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Me, too!

Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 2:45 pm

I had no idea. I´m stunned. 341. 341 pigs, 341 mouths to feed. Geez.

I GAVE, dammit!

Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 3:05 pm

That is what colors our views on pet store/breeder issues. We SEE and feed the result.

Guinea pigs of every shape,size and color have passed through here. People KNOW what they are getting and I DO charge an adoption fee.

Most, if not all, these homeless animals could be eliminated by some simple changes. It´s depressing how large scale the problem is and how many people bury their heads in the sand about it.

I´ve got to go clean cages, feed and give another round of Ivermectin to the fosters. A huge money sucking operation. Adoption fees don´t even make a dent in it. I had to stay out of a previous thread about shelter fee´s or I´d have blown my top.

Breeding and Pet stores are very REAL issues here and probably everywhere.

I´ll also be pet-sitting ( volunteer) all of Sharlene´s animals so that she can take a very hard earned and needed short vacation. Without help, none of this would be possible. We are ALL part of the solution if we choose to be.


Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 7:10 pm

Not only are all these rescue pigs a huge financial expense, but also in terms of the enormous amount of time and energy it takes to look after them, bring them to the attention of the public, screen potential adopters, educate them and match them up with the right pigs. Thank goodness for the generosity of volunteers who have spent countless hours helping out in one way or another.

Can you believe some people actually thought we were making money out of the adoption fees for the Hollister pigs? We had a couple of quite nasty phone callers who thought we must be making "a bundle", having got the pigs for free! Yeah right - I´m relaxing on a cruise ship enjoying my share of the proceeds right now!
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Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 7:13 pm

There´s 20LBs Cavy Cuisine going begging to some deserving person.


Post   » Mon Sep 16, 2002 7:57 pm

What a kind offer!

Good News!

Here are two more kind people with huge hearts: Kleenmama and Sandi Ackerman, both in Washington state, who have offered to take in ALL 36 of the pigs being held at PHS in a cruelty case. We are waiting to hear the outcome of the confiscation proceedings and are working on transportation plans. Thank you both for your outstanding generosity.

The pigs are feeling and looking better this week. They have filled out a bit and are not scratching so much, though it will be quite a while until they look like normal pigs again.

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