Update on Lady J and 2 girls

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Post   » Mon Oct 07, 2002 7:27 pm

Pigpal - I thought you might like an update on Lady J and her two girls. Lady J has gained 9.4 ounces in the 6 weeks I´ve had her. She is becoming quite the "pig". She is always the first to want her veggies, and is quickly becoming Moki´s twin (Moki is 2# 15 ounces and looks almost identical to Lady J). Puff is gaining steadily, as well as little Noshi. They all get along just fine now, thank goodness. I did have my doubts in the beginning.

I am so happy that they all eat their quarter tablet of Vit. C daily, and look forward to it as a treat. Yeh, no more liquid C dosing. They all love every veggie I give them, and are real pigs ALL day long. Everytime I enter the room, they wheek for veggies. Now, anytime the garage door is opened, they wheek for veggies, as well as the fridge door, or a plastic bag. SLAVE, SLAVE, SLAVE.

The 2 boys are real buddies. Sake is 13 weeks old and Shoyu is 7 weeks old. What a pair. They are both crazy clowns running their laps and jumping in the hay rack and pushing all the hay to the ground. I thought I lost Shoyu the other day, only to find him hiding under the towel that sits under the hay rack. He is still pretty little at 1# 1 ounce. He was just a little lump under there.

It is nice to have 2 boys again. I think they are funnier than the girls.
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Post   » Tue Oct 08, 2002 4:21 pm

Thanks, Sandra! I´m so happy to hear your Hollister pigs are doing well. They deserve a good life.

Your update really brightened my day.

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Post   » Tue Oct 08, 2002 9:17 pm

Me too. I think it´s great they are so happy together. I think they lucked into the best cavy home in the state, Ms. Produce Philanthropist.

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Post   » Thu Oct 10, 2002 12:35 pm

Thanks for the compliment Lynx, I needed that. Oh, and the pigs are all eating the Kaytee pellets exclusively now with NO complaints. I bought some alfalfa nibbles from Oxbow and was wondering how much to give them per day? Anyone know? Don´t want to give too much.

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