Trimming Hiney Hair

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Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 1:38 am

Do any of you long-haired piggie owners have to trim your pigs hiney hair? All three of my adult pigs get soggy bottoms from time to time. It´s not like I´m a bad piggie owner, I spot clean the cages daily and deep-clean them once a week. However, they like to pee in the same spot in the cage over and over, and then they like to sit in it and get soggy. Is this normal?

I bathe them on a regular basis, but can´t do it every time they get a soggy bottom, so I usually just cut the soggy hair off. Good thing they aren´t show piggies. LOL
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Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 7:23 am

Great idea. I do it on one of my pigs (longer hair) and it really helps alot. I think it´s more hygenic (less bacteria build-up) and they don´t smell as much.

...what, what, what?

Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 8:56 am

I trim him all over, but it is the same general idea.

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Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 10:04 am

My peruvians get regular hiney trims as well as all-over trims.

I also do butt baths if things look at bit nasty. Fill a sink with temperate water and dunk their butts. Works like a charm!

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Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 11:43 am

I´m a butt washer. Don´t have to wash a whole pig.

Sweet Pea has a trail of whispy hair, 2 inches, coming off her butt. Haven´t trimmed it yet, but I can see I will have to someday. I am surprised it has stayed as clean as it has. I did get a special brush just for her butt.

Did I say "butt" enough?

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Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 4:20 pm

"Uh huh uh, Uh huh said butt....."

No one will no what I´m talking about unless they watched Beavis and Butthead....It´s sad, I´m old.

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Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 4:36 pm

Beavis and Butthead... my mom didn´t like us watching that so my sister and I used to sneak and watch it.

I have to keep Moppy´s butt hair short because if I don´t it´ll be wet from being a lazy pig and peeing in her house. I am a butt washer as well. It´s quick and simple lil water and a shampoo bum rub and then I just hold her whole butt under the faucet belly side up only because she will let me. A lot of pigs will get all cracked out if you flip them over under a faucet but she doesn´t mind. She even lets me blowdry her afterwards. Compliant little piggy.
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Post   » Wed Oct 09, 2002 5:19 pm

and then she lets you dress her in silly little dresses and hats.

So sticky - how will your pigs be dressed for Halloween? ;-)

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Post   » Thu Oct 10, 2002 1:07 am

Uh huh uh, uh huh uh... Yeah, guilty. I have watched and at one time laughed at Beavis and Butthead.


Guinea pigs do have cool butts though... Love how they walk like toddlers in diapers.

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Post   » Thu Oct 10, 2002 4:48 pm

I haven´t found their halloween costumes but believe me I have been looking!

I want Mocha to be a piggy-pumpkin and Moppy a witch... original? Nah. Cute? Yes.
Easy costumes though, since I might be making them myself.

I feel left out when people are talking about what their kids are going to be for halloween so dangit MY CHILDREN (the pigs) are gonna dress up too.
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