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Post   » Sun Feb 03, 2002 9:56 pm

Hi all. Nothing new and exciting lately. The babies are still adorable and capturing our attention constantly. I took new pictures a week ago when they were one week old... they´ll be two weeks old tomorrow so I guess I´d better take new ones again. They´re growing sooo fast! anyway here is the pigs link
the pictures of the babies are under... babies =) The pics aren´t the greatest, try and get these little buggers to hold still! enjoy =)

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Post   » Sun Feb 03, 2002 11:17 pm

They look like tiny handfuls. Baby anythings are cute and baby guinea pigs have to be among the cutest. Are they friendly?


Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 12:44 am

Well they´re a little skittish like their mother but they´re getting used to us. We hold them daily and they wheek the whole time but they run around the cage when we try to catch them. Oscar seems to like being held more than Alfie does he´s quite the little lover =)

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Post   » Wed Feb 06, 2002 6:47 am

Oh, they´re so sweet! I could look at baby guinea pigs all day!


Post   » Wed Feb 06, 2002 6:57 am

they look like something you´d get in a xmas cracker. sweet.

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Post   » Fri Feb 08, 2002 5:18 pm

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute I love the hearts and the color on the web page is very cute but of course the babies are cuter.
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Post   » Fri Feb 08, 2002 7:52 pm

Congrats Chyna_mn the babies are adorable.

Lynn, is that Kia? Sure does look like her! ::holding her up to the picture and comparing now; yep it sure is!::

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