injections :-(


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I am new here so please tell me if i do something wrong, anyway my guinea pig has to go to the vets tommorow, he has mites :-( i dont know how he got them, and he has to have 3 injections one tommorow and then the rest on other dates, will the injections hurt him, hope not .

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The injections just hurt for a minute or so then it's over. Mites, on the other hand, hurt all the time so it is best to treat him. Many people treat them at home, I do. You can find information in the Guinea Lynx Medical and Care guide by clicking on it abouve, then look for information on mites.


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Thanks for your help do you know how he could have got mites?


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Ask a few questions about the injections, such as what they are, and have the vet write down the dosage for you, and your pigs weight.

Ivermectin is a very safe and common injection and the most recommended treatment for mites, however topical applications can also work. You can do that at home. Perhaps it would be worth it to explore that with the vet, have him show you how to apply it, and then follow up with two at home treatments.

Selamectin (Revolution) is another product that has a pretty good rep for mite treatment. It also treats lice and fleas, usually one treatment is all that is needed. Again, a topical application. Many rescues and vets use it.

Try reading up on and printing off information here:


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Mites can lay dormant, and do on most pigs. Stress is usually the biggest factor to bring them out. If you bought the pig at a petshop, then it is a no brainer, most petshop pigs are infested.


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ahh that may be the problem i did get him from a pet shop, it was my first guinea pig after reading i thought i would have loved to adopt would this make him live shorter if i bought him from pet shop :-( hope not.


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The injections will hurt less than what the mites are currently doing to him. Currently he has hundreds, if not thousands of creatures burrowing in his skin.

My latest foster girl needed two ivermectin shots for lice. For such a little thing, she screamed like a banshee during the first one. I could her all the way down the vet’s hallway. She didn’t make a sound for the second one. Even the vet technician complimented on her being a good girl

If you are worried about the shots, you could see if your vet can use Revolution (kitten) for mites. The vet used this on my two girls. They still ‘squawked’ during the process –carried on like hot wax was being dripped on their bodies - but at least there was no needle touching their skin.

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I don't think it will make his life shorter. Most guinea pigs that are in rescues will have been bought in a pet shop before they ended up in the rescue.

It is good that you are treating your guinea pig for mites. It is fairly easy to treat, and it shouldn't impact his health after he is successfully treated. Your guinea pig will probably squeek quite a bit while the vet puts the needle in (mine did!), but it only hurts for a few seconds.

Do you only have one guinea pig? They are much happier with a guinea pig friend. Perhaps you could adopt another guinea pig from a rescue. You would have to make sure you're cage is big enough though, at least 2 by 4 foot.

By the way, I see you are in the UK. Most people her are in the US. I think the medication for mites has a different name in the UK, so your vet might prescribe something that isn't mentioned on this forum. It could still be the same stuff.


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I don't think it will have an effect on lifespan, as long as you get the mites taken care of, and the pig has no other illnessess, the vet sounds somewhat cavy savvy, so this is good.

I second rescuing a piggy friend, but only after the mite treatments are finished. Or, get another, and treat both, keeping in quarintine (separate part of the house) for 3 weeks. Knowing you have mites though, you would want to be really really careful, probably full changes and handwashing between handling them. As for cage space, you need at least 7.5 square feet for one, or for two, so it does not impact the amount of room they will take up. They are social animals and really do best with a friend. having more space is better though.

Visit for more info on cage sizes and instructions on how to build one cheep.
I think the medication for mites has a different name in the UK

The brand name may be different, but the actual medical ingredient is the same. The injections are likely Ivermectin, or you could try a topical treatment with Selamectin. (The selamectin would be a one shot deal, no need for repeated appointments).


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also does anyone know where i can get those "candc" cages people talk about in the uk?


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C&C cages are usually built by the new piggy owner, as they are not sold in any stores. It is easy to do, will show you how.

Alternatively, you can buy one from a lady that makes them at Cavy Cages, some of the money goes to support a rescue, but I think with shipping to the UK, it might be a bit expensive. Many people have ripped off the idea and sell them on ebay. Usually they charge really over inflated prices.

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Not getting mites treated can cause serious, serious problems for a pig, including open sores and seizures. They will forget and forgive you.

The C and C cage is short for Cubes and Corroplast, which is what the cage is made out of.

See for more information.

Also, at the top of this forum is a sticky for UK members.


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Harry4265, welcome to the forum. Thanks for being a good owner and getting your pig appropriate vet care--that's what we like to hear!

Before anyone jumps on you, just a hint--this forum is really strict on using proper capitalization and punctuation. It is part of the agreement when you sign up and makes posts much easier to read, which is especially important if you ever have an emergency post you need help with.


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Harry, the injections really won't phase you guinea pig at all. The mites are probably driving him crazy, though. I've treated my first guinea pig for mites twice now (three injections each time). Even though I've tried hard to do everything right, Oreo started scratching a couple of days ago and I took her (and her cagemate) in that very day. Catching it early and getting prompt treatment is the best thing you can do for your pet.

If it makes you feel any better, I've been in exactly the situation you are in now. We all make mistakes. I got Oreo from a petshop before I knew better—she came with mites, a URI, and a head-tilt. I won't do that again, but I've learned so much in the past six months that I know my Oreo will have a much better shot at a long and healthy life than she would have if I just continued bumbling along following the advice petshop personnel and the books they sell there.

After you get your pet's mites taken care of and have built him a nice C&C cage (it's fun, cheap and easy to do), you should really strongly consider adopting a same-sex friend for him. That's what we did, and Oreo and Doodle are right now racing around their big cage, popcorning and munching hay.


Post   » Fri Mar 10, 2006 4:45 pm

Thanks for all the help, He already has a friend all i need to do know is get through him having injections, and making a c+c cage.

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harry - I hear that argos stocks the cubes - but I don't know about the coroplast.

Topical treatments of ivermectin are also apparently as effective as the shots - although I'm not the expert - definitely worth talking to your vet about - i know shots are painful.


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If he has been with your other pig, both should be treated at the same time, and they should be treated every 7-10 days for 3 treatments.

The shot will be painfull initially but as soon as it is done, they are fine.

Have the vet double check the sex of your pig, because petstores are notorious for not sexing them correctly and if he is with another, you want to be sure they are the same sex. There are too many in the pounds and rescues to be bringing more into the world


Post   » Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:39 am

They have been to vets now they both squelled like mad :-( but they are home now haveing a big nap.


Post   » Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:51 am

I feel for you harry. When we took Squeaks to the vet I was like an overprotective mother. I knew the shots she was getting were for her own good but it was really hard to watch my poor girl be so uncomfortable. She had to have 3 shots that day and she did not appreciate it one bit. Thankfully she seems to have completely forgotten about the whole ordeal now.


Post   » Sat Mar 11, 2006 12:11 pm

I couldnt watch either i was a bit protective i hope they do forget normally they are out for a lot of the time but they have been sleeping since i got home and i have to put some shampoo on them twice a week.

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