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had my arms full of hay and was in a hurry so could not check the dosage level but they had a
range, including one for kittens, which I imagine would be most appropriate.

I already gave the dose........So I gave it again.


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Often people using Advantage for the first time are confused by the packaging - it´s all the same concentration. The Advantage for dogs is exactly the same as the Advantage for cats or kittens. The only difference is the amount in the tubes!

Pinta´s dosage is the accurate method to determine the right amount to use for a guinea pig. If you want to use Advantage, simply buy the smallest tube (cats and kittens 8lbs and under) and measure the amount you need according to the weight of your pig.


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It´s easy to suck it into a 1cc syringe so you can be guaranteed you are giving an accurate dose. It is surprising how much the amount will vary according to the pig size. When you gently depress a syringe you get a real perspective on the size of a dose.


PS if I can clone something instead of typoing iot out again_I will. saves me time in ttyping and editing what I type.
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I´m just curious, not planning on doing anything dodgy, but what would happen if you overdosed?

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My guess is the symptoms might resemble ivermectin overdose symptoms. You can find those symptoms on the ivermectin page on Guinea Lynx (button top right).

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Thanks Lynx

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