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Hi there my name is emily, and i just boutght a long haired ginuea-pig, and i was wondering about osme stuff, like, one ear is light pink sometimes and then it gts really red but it doesnt seem to bither him at all? and i was wondering what the sounds he makes means, if u know, or if u knwo of any good web pages to hel me out here? and one more thing, do they have sleep in there eyes from sleeping or is that crust? hwo do u i tell the diffrence to tell wether they are sick or not, thanks, responses more than welcome here for the new owner,


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Don´t post in more than one forum, okay. It only means people answer questions that have already been answered.

Post questions in the appropriate forum and you´ll get the best response. You don´t have to put all your questions in one post. You can break it up.

Cavies Galore is a good place for beginners questions. Not sure but I think that´s the right URL.

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Congratulations Emily! Having a Guinnea Pig can be a very rewarding experience. I can´t help you with the ear question as my two pigs have black ears. I am knew to the forum (or any forum for that matter) and have found it very useful to do a search for specific topics because many things have already been addressed. Try doing a search for "ears" and see what you come up with.

They sure make funny sounds don´t they? I´ve learned that cooing and squeaking mean general contentment. Purring, which is a happy thing, sounds very much like growling, which of couse is not a hppy thing. Spot purrs when I give him a favorite treat like watermelon; and also purrs when I pet him. The way I tell a growl from a purr is that when they growl, their bodies are very tense and ususally happens when I´m doing something they don´t like... versus a purr when they are very relaxed.

As far as the sleep in their eyes. Mine get sleep crust. Spot will actually let me pick it off his face but Fido won´t let me get close.

Good luck with your new pig!

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Just a word of caution. I don´t think my pigs get sleep in their eyes, usually when a pig has crusties, it means they might be sick. So keep a close watch on him. If he sounds like he is making clicking noises when he breathes, or has a snotty nose, then you must get him to an exotics vet that knows guinea pigs.

If he gets what seems to be a cold, then that can make him very sick.

Pigs cannot have any penicillin based products, it´s toxic to them.

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Thanks for the Memories

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Take a look at - lots of good information there to get you started, with a printable pamphlet to keep handy.

I, too, would worry that the crusties were either a URI (upper resparatory infection) or conjunctivitis (pink eye type infection). A vet´s visit may be in order.
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Sorry - I should have said: Don´t post the same post in more than one forum,

I already mentioned the crusty eyes at Emergency which is why it´s best to post to one forum at a time rather than posting the same post everywhere. It saves everyone from repeating info that has already been given.

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