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Members on Guinea Lynx frequently have pets other than guinea pigs. While we focus on guinea pigs, questions come up concerning rabbits, hamsters, degus, rats, mice, horses, cats, dogs, you name it, someone most likely has it!

Anyway, this is a locked sticky with links to websites and forum threads you may wish to check out for information on your particular pet.

Read over the University of Tennesee's Veterinary Pet Health Page.

Remember that information is constantly changing. Seek out the best resources to get answers concerning your personal pet's problems. Read over UT's Internet Search and Evaluation Tips on the above linked page. Even advice on Guinea Lynx should not be taken as gospel truth.

I'll add a public forum link here:


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Momof911kids posted this:

[Here are] some useful webpages that I found when googling about lumps in hamsters. Some of these sites have very basic information while others have more detailed information/pictures of surgery.

Basic Hamster Illness Information [basically tells you symptoms, what to do, what treatments may be prescribed by a vet, etc] written by other hamster owners:

Hamster Hideout Illnesses page
Ask the Vet site about Hamster Illnesses
Hamsterific Illness Guide
Hamster Illnesses with possible vet prescribed treatments listed
Common Hamster Ailments includes info about Hamster Polyoma Virus
A personal account written by a hamster breeder that had lumps removed from their hamsters
Hamster Polyoma Virus written by Liz Johnson studying at Glasgow Vet school

Hamster Illness and basic care information written by Minnesota Branch of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science:
Care of Hamsters

Hamster Illness Articles written by vets that may include pictures and very detailed information:

Diseases of Hamsters written by Marti Hanes DVM, Dept of Lab Animal Resources at Texas Health Science Center University
Taking Care of Your Hamster written by Robin Scott MS DVM at Safari Animal Care Center

Case studies written by a vet in Singapore which includes very graphic pictures with text. Almost all thumbnail sized pics in each article can be clicked to take you to the full size image. This vet has successfully removed large abscesses and other lumps from dwarf and syrian hamsters even with minimal vet equipment in Singapore. This might be useful to show your vet to prove that external lumps can be removed quite successfully from hamsters if they are unsure.

Dwarf Hamster Tumor
Haematoma in Syrian Hamster
Dwarf Hamster with warts & hairloss
Main Hamster Case Study Page with clickable text links to each hamster's story

If I find anything else that looks helpful then I'll post it here.

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Post   » Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:51 am

And here are some rat resources (thanks to Wheekers3 for getting this started!):

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