New barbaring behavior

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Post   » Mon Mar 04, 2002 12:59 pm

I just noticed last night, Picachu was barbering the hair on Polly - on the side of her face. I hadn´t noticed anything like this with him before. She would give little yelps, finally get fed up, run to another part of the cage and eventually he would go to her and start doing it again. I picker her up, she has a noticeable amount of hair missing in a little section.

The weird thing is, it´s where her hair is brown in a small patch as compared to the rest of her. Picachu is white and black. I have no idea why he started doing this. Maybe he doesn´t like that color of her hair anymore?? ?(

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Post   » Mon Mar 04, 2002 2:44 pm

Could she have gotten some kind of juice or something yummy there, and Picachu was trying to get it off?

Is there any kind of a wound there and he is trying to clean it up for her?

Just a few thoughts.

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For the love of my girls!

Post   » Thu Mar 07, 2002 6:06 pm

Is Polly still getting free hair cuts? Is she OK? I always wonder what´s going on when they are "at" each other!


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