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My name is Julie and I am mom to one beautiful pig named Gunner. Problem is that I didn´t know better until finding this site that you DO NOT BUY animals from petstores. That is where my Gunner came from complete with mange mites :( He is currently being treated with ivermectin as per my wonderful vet. Also residing in my family is my husband, three children, our cat named Kisses, and our hamster named Arthur.

I am happy to have found such an informative site to help my family and I raise this wonderful and loving furbaby. He is just a sweetie. I have also found the reference for the C and C cages and have the cubes and will soon be getting the Coroplast.

I also wanted to say that I am smitten with the three piggies pictured in the right hand corner of the web pages and was wondering if they belonged to someone here and how I might go about adopting piggies that look like those. I love black and white because I had a kitty who has long since passed away who was black and white. My family does plan to adopt another piggie through our local rescue but I really want one that looks like the ones here, especially the long haired blk and wt one. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

I hope to get to know some of you better.


Julie and Gunner

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Thanks for the Memories

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Welcome, Julie.

I suggest you look in the Cavy Placement forum. There are quite a few rescues and shelters out there. Pigs of every description pass through their doors. See who is close to you and start asking. I´m sure someone has the right friend for you and Gunner. Some places have a wait list where you can request a particular breed or gender and they´ll call you when they have one.

Good luck!


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Thank you Ravenshade. I will definitely take your advice. Nice to meet you also.


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Hi Julie, welcome. Those pigs belong to GP Lover/Carol. Their names are Sophie, Elsie and Angel.

I have two black and white long haired pigs too. I´ll give you a link to some pics.

Here are some of our members´ holiday photos, my pigs are in there, checking out the bar and eating the snowman´s nose!


Don´t feel too bad about getting your pig from a pet store, we all learn through our mistakes. Just remember next time to try a rescue or shelter. I´m sure there´ll be a next time!

I´m glad you´ve found a good vet and hope those mites clear out fast.
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Thank you Pig Pal and after I type this I am on my way to see those pics!!!!!! Also, I just emailed Rachel with Baraboo Pig rescue in Wisconsin and hopefully she will be able to help me find the pig of my dreams!!!!!!! Thank you for the welcome. I wish I had a digi camera so I could post pics of my adorable Gunner. I do love seeing all the pics of everyone´s sweet and adorable piggies. Thanks again.


Julie and Gunner


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Hi again Pigpal. I just checked out the pics....your pigs are gorgeous!!! So were everyone else´s too. Great photo taking also I must say. Can I ask, are your piggies pure breds? What breed are they? How about Carol´s ? I hope I can rescue one that is black and white and either medium or long haired. Just soooo adorable. Thanks again for the link.

(((Hugs))) from

Gunner and Julie


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Thanks for your compliments on my boys! They are Peruvians (which is one type of long haired guinea pig). One is a called a "dalmatian", his skin is spotted (that´s the one with most white). The other is called a "blue roan", which is a mixture of black and white hairs, giving the gray effect.

I don´t know if they´re purebred, though they could be. I adopted them from our local Humane Society after someone abandoned them in a shopping center parking lot. Most of us have adopted "mutt pigs", they´re all equally lovable and have their own distinct personalities.

Rachel has some lovely pigs, I hope you find one that´s just right for you and Gunner.

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Welcome Julie and Gunner! Good luck on your search for a second pig! There are a lot of wonderful rescues and humane societies with pigs looking for good homes. I got my pig, who is a peruvian, from my local humane society, and he is a real sweetie! I hope you find a new friend for Gunner!

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For the love of my girls!

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Wheeks to you from my girls, Penny, Tubbit and Lilly. Penny, my first pig, came from a pet store too... I think a lot of us "didn´t know any better!" There are many on this forum with LOTS of experience with piggers.


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Hello Julie and Gunner and welcome! I too am one who got my first and second pig from the pet store. It was only when I started having problems with the second one that I started doing some research on the Internet and found this site and forum.

I´ll never buy from a pet store again and really struggle with the quality of life issues for pets which results in me spending soooooooo much of my life, trying to make their little live´s better.

This is a great group, very knowledgable, friendly, and fun!


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Hi Stacy, Kara and Sunny, so great to meet you and thank you for the warm welcomes. I am very grateful to have found this site. As soon as I find out anything from Rachel about rescuing a piggie I will be sure to let you all know. I am very anxious, to save a pig especially after purchasing one from the pet store and then finding that sooooo many need homes. I look forward to learning more and hearing stories about all of your piggies. (((Hugs)))

Gunner and Julie

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Hi Julie. I´m kind of a recent joiner here myself, but I know how you feel about being grateful for having found this site. I didn´t realise the whole petstore thing myself until I logged on here for the first time. But around here, the shelters don´t have any stray, homeless pigs, so if I want one, I have to get him from the petstore. It is awful to support them, but I wanted Buddy SOOO bad! As you can see, he was worth it. :)

It´s great that these guys know what they´re talking about....except for Evangeline. ;) She just likes to pretend she´s smart.

Good luck finding your second piggy! :)

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Post   » Thu Mar 07, 2002 6:50 pm

Welcome, Julie! And not to steal your thunder, but I´ll post a pic of the baby you are applying for so everyone can see your potential new pig. He´s the one in the middle. You can´t see very well from this pic, but he´s a golden agouti and white boar, and his hair is extremely silky and growing longer than his brothers´. He was born on Christmas Day! He´s on the submissive side so we´re thinking he´d be a good little guy to pair with Gunner. And FYI to everyone else, the other two are still looking for homes.

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Post   » Thu Mar 07, 2002 8:34 pm

Wow! They are darling pigs! They look so innocent and sweet.

I have no doubt you will find homes for those dolls.


Post   » Thu Mar 07, 2002 10:22 pm

Hi Dobby Rachel and Lynx!!! Ooooh there is my new baby hopefully! Isn´t he precious!!!!!


Post   » Fri Mar 08, 2002 8:31 pm

Welcome aboard. Don´t worry about getting your first pig froma pet store. I think we all did it before realizing rescues are really the place to start. It´s great that you are thinking of giving Gunner a buddy. However, you need to be warned. Pigs are extremely addictive. I clearly remember the day I promised my boyfriend "yes, dear, just one"! Ha! A dozen of pigs later, here I am. Whenever one leaves for a forever home or one more gets here, now, he doesn´t even notice.

Oh, and don´t listen to Dobby. She needs to be smacked across the head from time to time, and that,s precisely what I´m going to do right now.


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Hi Evangeline. I believe it about the addiction thing with the piggies! You ladies are just too funny. I am going to enjoy it here..lol!!! Now just don´t make me get out the box of depends or say something funny while I am drinking my hot java!!!!

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It pains me greatly to see how easily Evangeline acquires yet another devotee. And how does she do this? By smacking people around and calling vets idiots.

I will never understand why no one loves the mild, kinder people and forsakes them for brutes like her.

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Bring it on, Evangeline! :) You might be older and wiser, but I´m faster. :P
Once I´m awake for a few hours, anyway...

Julie, if you need Depends, my parents work in an old age home. I can get them for you for free! :D

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Julie, you better know they are addictive. My friend Monica, the one who is fostering the pigs, already emailed me to ask if you were approved for more than one pig..."just in case."

Has she emailed you? She´s really sick right now, but I´m wondering how the arrangements are going.

HAHA, Dobby called Evangeline "old."

You people just don´t understand. You think E is such a meanie, but her house is decorated in Hello Kitty and she puts little pink bows on her pigs.
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