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Post   » Mon Mar 11, 2002 6:32 am

Humphrey and his two new babies seem to be generally ok. The humping has stopped - everybody´s eating [plenty of dishes to go round] etc - Gingerpig hangs out under the roofing tile, Basil in the small box and humph in the big box. Interestingly they all went back to the same shelters even when I moved them around - I thought they might go back to the part of the cage with their smell but no - all 3 beelined for their personal hideouts.

Anyway it seems Humph and the smallest Baby Basil, are starting to have vicious fights. You know the kind, flying furry death. No serious wounds yet - fights happen maybe 4 times a day. Basil seems unconcerned and comes out to eat etc.

I thought they had all settled down, Gingerpig has literally come out of his shell [roofing tile] and comes out to eat etc - but hides when the spats happen, don´t blame him.

Does this sound like its boding badly for future harmony or is this part of the pattern! Dont want anyone to get injured or bullied, but I´d hate to end up with a single seperate pig again.


Post   » Mon Mar 11, 2002 10:41 am

Nah. Basil was the submissive baby, and he´s turning into a horny teenager who wants to test Humphrey´s patience. Let them sort it out. It usually just lasts a few weeks.

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