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I gave what I could!

Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2002 5:42 am

Pinta, you´re priceless. :)

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Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2002 7:43 am

LOL Pinta, but I did manage to contain the coffee attempting to spray out of my presently non-flaring nostrils.

Aside to Kim - did you have ANY idea what you might be getting yourself into here???

Alfie, I love the description "in the strumpety sense"....
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Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2002 10:07 am

Man, I don´t know what kind of drugs you, girls, are on, but I want some!

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Thanks for the Memories

Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2002 10:23 am

LOL. Well, E, just "troll op" to one of them and whack ´em good. I bet they´ll share.

(Happy Wednesday the 13th!)


Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2002 11:56 am

Newfies may be nice, but those ropey strings of drool sure get to you after a while.

I´m glad my drugs and I are on the West Coast too, far away from that slatternly NB scrag. No wonder her nostrils are flared, she should be careful about indiscriminate drug use. She doesn´t even care what kind they are!

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Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2002 7:11 pm

Kim - I would like to take a moment to ignore all this nonsense, and welcome you to the board!

How did you manage to find yourself the proud owner of 12 piggies? Yikes - I´ve got my hands full with only two little boys.

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I gave what I could!

Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2002 7:14 pm

Pigpal, I have a firm grip on my drooling problem. Now, I only drool on people who look like they deserve it. :) You know the kind...flared nostrils, dilated pupils, etc.

Oh, yes....Welcome aboard, Kim! :)

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