Unsure what to do with adopting pigs

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Post   » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:49 pm

Hi guys,
I am a happy momma to two gorgeous piggie boys. I love my boys, Vinnie and Mackenzie to bits, they are 1 year-old, not neutered males. They are good friends, have some occassional quarrels but have been living together very happily.
I am very keen on rehoming and rescuing animals and our animals have always been rescues from different parts of the UK. We have 6 animals (2 gerbils, 2 piggies, 1 elderly hamster and 1 bunny who is going to have a new friend shortly) at the moment. We rent a 3 bedroom house, piggies live in our bedroom, gerbils live in the study, hamster lives in the guest bedroom and the bunny in the converted dining room. I am just telling you this so you have a better understanding of our circumstances and the space we currently have.
I volunteer in the local library and we occassionaly go to schools to have reading events with the younger children . Last time I went to my usual school I had a chat with the teacher I usually work with, and she told me they are trying to rehome the class' two guinea pigs because there is noone to look after them in the weekends amymore. That made me really sad and angry because now they are trying to get rid of poor animals. I am really tempted to adopt them from the school.but also the thought of having 8 animals scares me and I know it would be more time-consuming as well. The other thing tjat worries me is I do not know where I would keep them and my husband's also not keen on the idea of adopting two extra animals.
I am really sad for these guinea pigs and I really want to help but I do not know what the right thing would be
Thank you for any advice.

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Post   » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:17 am

This is hard. If there are any rescues near you, perhaps you can get advice on safely rehoming them. Some rescues will help with a listing.

How old are the guinea pigs? What sexes? Have you examined them for health issues like lice or mites?


Post   » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:52 pm

Thank you for your reply Lynx. I know there is one or two rodent rescues nearby, I might give them a call for advice as they are closed when I finish work. As far as I know the guinea pigs are 3 years old girls. I didnt see any sigms of mites or lice, the only worrying thing is they dont get a huge variety of vegetables at the moment (they are fed mainly carrot and salad).

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