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I have two bonded male guinea pigs, about 1 1/2 years old who need a home. These little guys are so cute and sweet! But unfortunately they are keeping my teenage daughter up a lot at night and with the size of our home we literally have no where else to place them! At least not anywhere that would provide the adequate size that they need. They are currently living in two Midwest cages that are linked together in an "L" shape. I believe each cage is 48" x 24" so they do take up a good amount of space. Other than eating like the little piggys that they are and sometimes being active at night, these little guys are no problem and we have no issues. I guess I was just naive in thinking that my daughter could handle them in her room 24/7 and handle all of the responsibilities. I guess she tried her best... I hope to find them a good, loving home! they have plenty of supplies to go with them as well. Please email me at if interested or would like to see photos.

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Mack's silicone ear plugs are awesome!

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Yes, earplugs work great!

You are in Annapolis, Maryland?

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