Can more than Two Boars ever Work?

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So as I’ve said in my last post, I plan on adopting guinea pigs in the next few months. I’ve done a fair amount of research and I’ve heard many pig owners say that having a group of only boars won’t work. Has anyone had/seen more than 2 boars live together in peace, or is it true that it just won’t work? Does it just depend on the pigs? Or is there just a higher chance of it not working? (Also, I’m not planning on getting a group of boars and putting them together; I was thinking more towards 2 sows and later adding a boar. I was just curious as to if this is true or if “it will never work” is an exaggeration.)

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I am going to guess that if three or more boars were raised together from babies they'd probably be fine. But not if there are any females nearby that they know about, because that can lead to fighting even among boars that are well-bonded.

If you have any sows at all, only one boar will work, and if he will be with them he needs to be neutered. You also should wait about a month after the neutering procedure to put him in with any sows, because guinea pig sperm is very hardy and can still live in the ductwork for a long time -- meaning he could still impregnate a sow for a few weeks after being neutered.

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It's possible, and I think it depends on having the perfect combination of boars. We had a successful boar trio for over two years. Our trio started with a bonded pair, Hercules and Marty, that had been together for over a year. Neither one of them was an overly assertive alpha pig. Marty was 3 weeks old and Hercules about a year when we put them together and they just always had a strong bond. When our other pair at the time, Andy and Rocket, became problematic, we decided to see if Rocket could become a trio with Marty and Hercules. We got very lucky and they got along well. Rocket is blind and deaf, and I think the other two were both somewhat protective of him, and didn't see him as a threat. I really only think it worked because of their individual personalities.

We just had to separate another pair that started fighting and tried to make a trio again, but with no success. Neither new pig was compatible with the existing pair. Gibby immediately tried to be boss pig, which Marty wasn't having any part of, and Ollie wouldn't leave Rocket alone. On a side note, it turned out Andy loved having cage neighbors, but hated having a roommate. He was much happier as a solo pig.


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If a pair of boars "start fighting" when they used to get along fine, check the cage space and how old they are. You may not need to separate them.

We had rehomed two male babies from the "unplanned pregnancies" that came from one of our three girls turning out to be a boy, but were able to keep tabs on them because we rehomed them with a friend of my daughter. The brothers were very close; one had a dominant personality and the other was very laid back and easy going. But they started fighting at around 6 to 8 months old, though, and the new owners thought they needed to separate them. What they needed was a bigger cage, since they were still in the 2 x 3 grid cage we had sold them with (telling them they needed a bigger one later when they grew).

At around 6 months old pigs enter their "teen years" and their hormones go a bit wacko, similar to the way they do in humans. As the pigs go through puberty they will squabble more, be irritable and moody, and generally be annoying and a pain to each other and to their human owners (depending on their personality). But once they grow out of puberty, they usually mellow out.

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If you're not prepared to have all solo pigs if the pairing doesn't work out, don't try it.

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I had a herd of 5 with one solo boar (ironically the solo was brother to two others but he started to want to eat everyone's face, so he had a cage next door) and I currently have a well adjusted herd of three. I got these three together, but I understand they were introduced as juveniles and did not grow up together. I think it largely depends on the boars. My guys are pretty mellow, and are somewhere around 1.5-2 yrs old, I think. I keep only boars so I can't tell you if it would have been different with sows in the house. Boars do need more room, and N+1 of everything, if possible. I put the food on opposite sides of the cage and each boar has his own pigloo.

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