Here are my pigs!

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Post   » Sat Jun 14, 2003 11:12 am

Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself and my herd. I'm 19 and have owned guinea pigs since I was 12, my first 2 were Clo-Boy and Mr Smudge, and over the next two years I got Indee, Panda and Imp.
Panda died 18 march 2000 (age 2) due to a womb infection (pyrometra sp?),
Mr Smudge died 22 March 2001 (age 4) due to a stroke,
Clo-Boy died 22 April 2002 (age 6),

Indee died July 30 2002 (age 5) due to cancer
Imp died 31 October 2002 (age 4).

I have fifteen guinea pigs (9girls and 6boys). All my girls live together, and yesterday Apollo had an operation to remove a cyst on her overies, (it was the size of a golf ball!) the vet decided that it would be safer to spay her aswell. She is feeling very sorry for herself and getting lots of attention from me, I think shes a bit confused on whys she on her own at the moment.

You can see pictures of my pigs (and apollos stiches!) here: ... ph%26.view=t

The girls are (Left to Right) Lil' Fish, Elwing, Evie, Rosie, Lottie-Lou, Baby Fern, Hen and Freya.
They are quite a crazy herd... Baby Fern is boss and usually Apollo is her second in command, but I think Lottie has taken over, while shes away. Lil' Fish is very shy and keeps to herself, Evie and Hen call the food in, they both are the loudest, Elwing is a little know-it-all, Rosie is the cutey-pie, Freya is the "mommy" and when Apollo is around Lottie-lou is an adveturer.

Buddy. He is the kind of pig that a female pig can take home and show her parents!, he is such a gentleman and gets embarresed easily.
Mister. Is a chatterbox, he could talk you to death!
Jake and Frodo. Jake loves food... Frodo is shy and quiet but loves cuddles.
Fraggle and Rocky. These two are a pair! Fraggle thinks he's human and spends most his time under your feet trying to help you and Rocky isn't as forward going but he can be very naughty!

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Almost Inbred

Post   » Sat Jun 14, 2003 2:13 pm

You have himis and dalmations? Oh, you're going to make some members very, very jealous.

Your pigs are gorgeous.

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For the love of my girls!

Post   » Sat Jun 14, 2003 5:03 pm

Oh my god... Fraggle is the cutest thing!! I would love to have a Himi!! Your pigs are darling.

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Almost Inbred

Post   » Sat Jun 14, 2003 5:17 pm

See? It's started already.

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Post   » Sat Jun 14, 2003 5:23 pm

I like Lottie-Lou! You need to put up more pictures of her. She seems so self-confident.

Gorgeous pigs! I have a himi and a half-a-himi, but Nellie's points are a lot more faint then your girls'.


Post   » Sat Jun 14, 2003 6:52 pm

Lottie-Lou is so very, very self confident when my dog decides he wants to be a pig, instead of running and hiding like the others, she tries to kiss his back legs.... And no matter how brave my dog thinks he is, when she kisses he tries to hide from her in the hay. He's big, so its not like she can't find him. (infact he snuk into Buddys pic, well his legs anyway!) Also, you cant really tell in the pic, but she is a very pale Lilac, really beautiful.
Apollo is the only "proper" himi female, Rosie and Freya a half himi's.
Fraggs... he actually looked presentable.... usually he looks like he has been through a hedge backwards, he must half a long haired breed in him somewhere as his hair though short is alot longer the normal shorthaired pigs. And Frodo he is a pale Lilac Himi.... again Lilac is such a beautiful pig colour.
I admit I do have a wheek spot for Himis and Dalmations. Thank you for your kind words, I'll try to post some more pictures later on.

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Gave a Guinea!!

Post   » Sat Jun 14, 2003 7:56 pm

SO cute!

I have been informed by GL members that I have a baby Himi too - all white at the moment apart from the ears.

She is the sweetest one of them all!

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