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Building Ginny's & Sakura's Cage (with photos)
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Queen of the Morlocks Let Sleeping Pigs Lie
Welcome to Ginny's & Sakura's cage!

My two girls have been happily living in a 2x3 C&C, with an upper loft, for almost two years now. They are close friends, but if the need for more space ever arises, I can easily expand their cage using extra cubes and coroplast.

For more information on building your own Cubes & Coroplast cage, you can visit .
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Queen of the Morlocks Let Sleeping Pigs Lie
The Mini-Grid Ramp

In 2006, I was fortunate to find two boxes of mini-grids at Bed, Bath, and Beyond when I started to build the girls' cage.

I used many of these small grids for building the ramp. I used coroplast to line it, but did not zip-tie it to the grids; instead, I attached the ramp and the coroplast to the upper level separately. Both the ramp and the coroplast liner can move up and down, as needed, for easy cleaning.

A plastic "S-hook" secures the ramp to the side of the cage, so there is no swaying.

I sewed Velcro to my fleece pads and the Sherpa fleece ramp covering, so that everything stays in place while the guinea pigs are dashing up and down their ramp.

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Queen of the Morlocks Let Sleeping Pigs Lie
The Hayloft, Fleece Version

My current hayloft uses fleece instead of disposable bedding.

A layer of flannel seems to keep the hay from sticking to the fleece.

More mini-grids are used to make a central hay rack.

The girls enjoy sleeping and eating in their hayloft.

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Queen of the Morlocks Let Sleeping Pigs Lie
The Hayloft, Carefresh Version

My previous hayloft used part fleece, part Carefresh.

The bin was just the perfect size to fit a 1-grid-wide hayloft. It was filled with Carefresh, and changed daily. The hayrack hung over the grids above the bin. One guinea pig would relax in the bin, munching hay, and the other would lounge on the outside, next to the bin.

Since the bin had a small edge, the Carefresh usually stayed inside.
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Princess Aurora

Blue Skies
Owww! come on! your cage is very impressive tracis!

Very practical for easy cleaning and beautiful, I'm sure it also suits to the colours on that room, wonderful!

Congrats! very well done!
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aka Thalestral
That's an awesome guide tracis! :D
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Dances With Pigs
I want to live in there. :)
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Making a difference... one pig at a time.
Very nice. I love your easy to follow pictures and instructions!!!
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Beautiful cage!! I have to find a set of mini grids because I suck at bending the larger grids!

Please post pictures with your babies playing in their new home!
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Queen of Hearts I GAVE, dammit!
Great photos and instructions, tracis!
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
I love tracis photos! She needs to add the one with the guinea pigs in place so we know this is not simply a "model" guinea pig home :-)
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I didn't do it! Obey My Authority
Is this now a personal thing? Am I the only person on planet Earth that hasn't seen any mini-grids yet?

Thank you for sharing the derailed instructions and pictures Tracis.
But... where are Miss Sakura and Ginny?

You know what the cage needs, an over-sized Hello Kitty embellishment. :p
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No, Momo! I am diligently searching for mini cubes right now as we speak online and it's NOT easy to find online. Bed, Bath and Beyond doesn't even list them on their website.


I tried searching for these mini grids when we built our first C&C to no avail. Years later, it seems, I still can't find them!
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Born to be Wild! "Live Long and Prosper"
tracis, an amazing cage! Great pictures. Where did you get the mini grids? I have been looking everywhere for them. Bed, Bath and Beyond has them sometimes but not regularly.
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Dandelion Gardener Skol Pigs!
Oh wow! How do you people do it? I can barely get 2 grids stuck together. Building a separate level and ramp seems beyond my means.
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tracis that is an awesome cage!

I too want some mini-grids they are too cute!
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Bugs Mom

My Angel
Love the step-by-step instructions and the cage is awesome. Wow!
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I am on hold with my local Bed, Bath and Beyond asking if they have mini cubes. It's not listed on their website, they it's probably a hit or miss with this particular item.
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I give up. The man barely spoke English and doesn't even know what I'm asking for.

The search for mini grids continues!
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Can you come build me a new cage? - yours is awesome!
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