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Post   » Thu Jun 19, 2003 3:30 pm

Hello, my name is Sarah. I've just recently joined this board, but have been gaining information from it for a while. My adventures in guinea pigs began over three years ago with Rosie. I fell in love with Rosie at a local "mom & pop" pet store. About a month after bringing her home, and after having her treated for the lice she also brought home, I discovered a half-formed stillborn baby in her cage! Poor Rosie! The owner of the pet store had told me that Rosie was only four weeks old and much too young to be pregnant! Hmmm.

After Rosie recovered from the stillbirth, I decided she needed a friend to keep her company. I found Lucy at another pet store, which for some reason I thought would take better care of their pigs. Lucy was fine, but looking back I think what a ridiculous thing it was for me to do. Lucy had so much personality, and she and Rosie were inseparable! Lucy was a multi-coloured Abby. Unfortunately, Lucy died last month of pneumonia after trying to save her for weeks and many vet visits.
She was very much the dominant piggy of the herd, and I think the others are still trying to figure things out.

A few months after I got Rosie and Lucy, a couple of guinea pigs came in to the cat rescue I was volunteering at. After a month of them being there in an aquarium (!) I couldn't take it anymore and took them home. By that time I had figured out they were male and female, with babies on the way, but that was okay. I figured I would find homes for the babies when they arrived. So that's how Romeo and Juliet came to be part of my family. Romeo was a black American, and Juliet is a beigey colour American. Through this rescue I also acquired an abandoned blind hamster (the best hamster ever!) who lived a very happy year in her new home.

Alice and Maggie were born a month after bringing their parents home. They look just their daddy. Romeo had already been neutered by that time. I got to watch them being born, which was the most amazing experience I've had to date. I couldn't find a good enough home for them, so they stayed. Alice ("brave baby") moved in with Rosie and Lucy, and Maggie ("mama's girl") stayed with her mom and dad. Romeo died suddenly three days after last Christmas. Juliet was quite lost without him, as they'd been together probably since they were babies. She and Maggie (who was always shy anyway) retreated from socializing with me and the others.

Enter Franklin. I found Franklin on Petfinder a few months ago, in a rabbit shelter! Franklin is white with red eyes (I guess an albino), with hair that's a little bit longer than everyone else's. It looks a bit like he's got a tail. Anyway, Franklin is a very talky, friendly fellow. It took a chunk of hair being torn out of his face to learn that Juliet and Maggie are not always "in the mood", but he did learn (he's neutered). Now everyone gets along just fine. And he really did bring Juliet and Maggie out of their shells. I was so pleased.

And since I have had 6 guinea pigs for so long, and Rosie and Alice seemed very lonely without Lucy, I decided to adopt another one. I picked up Sophie from a guinea pig shelter on Friday. She had originally been named Sting because the boy who owned her thought she was a boy, and named her after his favourite wrestler. After he got the puppy he always wanted, she went out the door! After three years, poor thing. She is a Peruvian, charcoal with one white streak starting at her side going down to her front left foot! She has a lot of attitude, but I like that. She has yet to meet everybody, but I'm sure they will all get along. Fingers crossed.

And that is my continuing guinea pig saga... Not extremely interesting to most people, but obviously very exciting to me.

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Post   » Sun Jun 22, 2003 4:28 am

Thanks for posting all the details on your wonderful "blended" piggy family. It seems as though a new piggy comes along just when your herd needs one for moral purposes and you come along rescuing those pigs just when they need you, too.

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Post   » Sun Jun 22, 2003 1:51 pm

The love and enthusiasm you have for your crew is very apparent. Thanks for sharing.

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Post   » Sun Jun 22, 2003 2:22 pm

Seems you're hooked on them.
Welcome aboard.

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