Problem Walking and Lifting Head

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Post   » Sat Jan 12, 2002 9:36 pm

Pam posted on the other board:

Okay, here I go. Back in August when I was afraid we were going to lose Peanutbutter, you had told me to get her to the vet, etc. Well, I am very proud to say Peanutbutter is herself once again and, meanner than ever.

This problem I have now is with my boar, Author.

I had cleaned the cage that he and, Lancealot share and,let them run. An hour or so later, Author had started to get confused and, couldn´t keep his balance. We started to force feed him, immediately. Strained carrots and mixed fruit with yougart. He´s been doing his thing as far as peeing and pooping. Actually there is nothing wrong with his appetite, he just has a hard time walking and lifting his head.
What more can I do for him ?
Thank you, Pam

Actually, Dinomom could probably help you with this. It may be an inner ear infection. I would see a vet immediately. Could also be ear mites or a vitamin or mineral deficiency. If it is an infection, your pet needs antibiotics.

Oh, I would increase vitamin C. Give a quarter tablet of a chewable 100mg (I think) tab.

Register at the new forum and hopefully we can get you some advice from people who know more than I do.
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Post   » Sat Jan 12, 2002 9:39 pm

I´m thinking ear infection, too.


Post   » Sat Jan 12, 2002 10:28 pm

I´m thinking heart. Those are exactly the symptoms Bloom had and Nougat before her. Nougat also had the rattle of a URI but she also could not hold her head up or walk properly. She died 12 hours later. Autopsy revealed heart disease. With Bloom(2 weeks later) I recognized the symptoms and rushed her to the vet. She was xrayed: her lungs were full of fluid, there was gas in her stomach and her liver was enlarged. Lasix saved her. Within hours of an injection(high dose) she was back to normal. She now gets Lasix and Fortekor(enacard) daily.

This pig should be rushed to emergency, xrayed and given Lasix if it looks at all like the heart is involved. Heart problems are very common in pigs. Out of 20 we have 4 on varying degrees of heart meds.


With both pigs the symptoms came on very suddenly.


In regards to how common heart problems are in pigs - we did have 21 in our herd, 5 of that number being "heart" pigs. We recently lost Willie 18 months after he was diagnosed with heart disease when his heart finally gave out. He was over 5 years old. His first symptoms when initially diagnosed were an inability to hold his head up and difficulty walking that came on very suddenly.
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Post   » Sun Jan 13, 2002 12:15 am

If anyone has Pam´s email address - please email this thread to her.

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