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Post   » Sat Jul 19, 2003 1:56 am

Hi! I'm new to the board here (a cross-over from CM) and just wanted to introduce myself and my piggies. My name is Laura. I'm 25 and have had cavies for almost 5 years now. I first fell in love with them my senior year in college. I shared a house with 4 friends and we wanted to get a pet. Of course, no dogs allowed and someone was allergic to cats so we searched out the realm of small animals and immediately fell in love with an orange smooth coat neutered boar whom we quickly named "Milton." Thus began my journey into the world of guineas. I must admit that when I first got Milton I didn't realize how much care guinea pigs need nor did I realize what great and loving pets they can be! However, that's not to say he wasn't spoiled! :-) Although, I did not know near what I know now, I can say that I tried to learn as much as I could about guinea pigs and we quickly got Milton a new friend. A beautiful rust colored piggie with a white crest that we named Sophia! Her fur was fuzzy like an afro! :-) They first night they squeaked up such a racket we had to move their cage from the bedroom to the livingroom! Needless to say, Milty was glad to have a friend and he and Sohpia got along great!

Milty died 2 years later from a difficult surgery involving an abcess on his jaw :-( and Sohpia passed on a year later. Both are very much missed. But, once a pig-lover always a pig-lover....

And, now we come to my current herd of 4: 3 sows and a neutered boar. Dorothy is a charcoal-colored agouti and came to me pregnant. (What a surprise when I discovered that!) She gave birth to two beautiful babies both of which I just had to keep! Josephine is a smooth coat the color of pine chips and Spencer is almost the spitting image of his mother. I got Spencer neutered when he was 4 months old so he could rejoin mom and sister. It was this year when he was going through a lengthy ordeal/recovery from an abcess under his chin that I adopted "Scout" (another agouti with a broad tan stripe down her nose) from someone who was just going to "get rid of her." Gasp!

Anyhow, I'm sorry for the lengthy post... ramble, ramble. Just wanted to introduce mysef, say hello, and let everyone know that I'm excited to be here!


Post   » Sat Jul 19, 2003 2:05 am

HI! I think you should have posted in General Chat. You'll get more responses there. Maybe Lynx will move you.

Your pigs sound adorable!

Oh, I also crossed over from CM. You'll find the info here is much much better. There's lots of experts here, many are rescuers, we have a few vet techs too.

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