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Post   » Sat May 25, 2002 1:58 pm

Jody was the first pig that husband and I got together. I had had 3 before when I was at school but husband had never had any. It took me ages to persuade him to let me have one. Eventually we struck a deal, it was Christmas and if he was allowed to have his fancy playstation controller, then I was allowed to have my guineapig. We waited till after Christmas and then i dragged him round the petshops (several times) before deciding on Jody.

He was the biggest pig in the shop and they were selling him cheap. Feeling sorry for him and being a sucker for the rejected one, I picked him out. We got all the equipment he needed and the pet shop woman put him in a box. At this point husband decided he wanted to carry the box and please would I drive home so he could sit with Jody on his knee?. MY guineapig was suddenly OUR guineapig (not that I minded at all) but guess who still got to do all the cleaning out. :D

For 2 and 1/2 years he brought us no end of joy but then he got sick, we took him to the vet bad hairloss - she started treating him for mites and said otherwise he was very healthy even though I questioned his noisy breathing. At that time we believed her - after all they are the experts!. A couple of days later it was apparent that he was not at all healthy, he went back to another vet who diagnosed a bad URI, he was treated with Baytril and came home with us. Within an hour he had died.

We were devastated. He was our baby. We were wracked with guilt. Why hadn´t we noticed sooner, why did we believe the vet against our instincts, why was the vet useless, what if we had done this, that or the other differently.

As part of the grieving process I started searching the internet. There I found CM and CG and discovered the concept or rescues. I couldn´t believe it - i thought only cats and dogs ended up in places like that, after all who could give up a cute little piggy!! I also learnt that not all vets are experts, and I learnt more about piggies in the next 3 months than I had in years.

As a result we made a vow never to buy a piggy from a pet shop again. When we were finally ready to get another we went to the local rescue. We wanted babies but they had all gone. We were abit disappoined at first. There were 2 females, 18 months old. I held them both and
realised it didn´t matter that they weren´t babies, we were here because they needed a home no matter what age they are. So we took them home, and guess who had them on their knee on the way home again. Yep husband lol.

We will never forget Jody. Because of him I have learned so much about these gorgeous little fluffballs. All our future pigs lives will be enhanced because of him. I´m just sorry that it took such a sad event to get to this point.

Bless you Jody

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Post   » Mon May 27, 2002 10:19 pm

Awww, M2P, I´m all misty-eyed after reading about Jody. Thanks for posting his story.

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Post   » Mon May 27, 2002 10:53 pm

I think Jody was a beautiful pig. We all learn over time and with luck will better our odds. I´m glad you went on to adopt pigs.

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Post   » Tue May 28, 2002 2:00 pm

Jody is adorable M2P.

I´d love to hear stories about your two rescue pigs too. I´m glad you took the older ones. All piggies need a loving home.

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