Pea Eye treatments?

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Post   » Mon Jan 21, 2002 10:25 am

What can be done for pea eye? On another board the owner´s vet is suggesting surgery and says it´s a cancer (granted, we don´t have a pic) but it really sounds like pea eye. I thought someone here mentioned steriod treatments or something... ?? When my mom´s sow had pea eye, it didn´t bother her so we let it be. Suggestions?


Post   » Mon Jan 21, 2002 10:33 am

Pinta had provided some info on how Lasix helped with her pig´s pea eye on CG.

This is the info I posted on CG from Pinta:

This could be a case for trying low dose lasix. Nigel is 2 3/4 pounds and gets 0.2 cc daily for his Pea Eye. It´s still very experimental - we don´t know if it will increase in size once the Lasix is stopped but it HAS reduced by 50%. His eye was bothering him and hasn´t at all since the Lasix. He won´t be on it longterm but if it doesn´t get rid of it entirely, we may use it as an occasional control.

Zag (another pig) has a heart condition and IS on Lasix longterm. Her Pea Eye is completely gone. 0.5cc once a day.

Perhaps your vet would be willing to try Lasix if you present this information to him/her. Nigel took a 10 day course of Lasix for the 50% reduction, and is no longer uncomfortable, I believe Pinta and her vet are continuing short term treatment to see if it resolves the problem completely. I´ll keep you posted.

Inquiries on how to dose:

Posted on: 08-04-2001 01:25 PM by imanut4u
LisaM - it´s given orally. Have your vet do a thorough exam on your pig before starting Lasix.

cupesn - Pinta´s pig, Willie, was doing lots of squinting and had a watering eye. The squinting/watering subsided after Lasix and shrinkage of the pea. Pinta´s vet did not want to attempt surgery as she felt it might make the condition worse.


Posted on: 08-21-2001 09:48 PM
Updated info from Pinta on the Lasix/PeaEye info:

Took him off the Lasix Aug 13. His eye seems to be holding it´s own. No redness or watering. We took him off because I suspected he had a URI that was hidden by the Lasix. Lasix is a diuretic. It removes fluid from the body, so it would remove the standard URI sounds from the chest. Too much and you run the risk of dehydration. Pigs with kidney problems should not try it.

Nigel was severely compromised by his Pea Eye. It was causing him great pain. I think we saw good results within a week - i.e. less irritation and redness. The Lasix dose was very low - 0.2cc once a day. Still, we´re hoping it can be used as an occasional control rather than a permanent dosing.

After 20 days, his Pea Eye was reduced by 50%.

We will leave him off the Lasix until he appears to require it again.

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Post   » Mon Jan 21, 2002 11:09 am


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