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Help my piggy got stepped on

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My younger brother stepped on my 10 month old guinea pig Socrates by mistake. Now she not moving both her back leg and she is not moving at all. In the last 1 hour all she did was drag her body for 2 inch using her front 2 leg and by the looks of it she cant move neither does she have any control over her back legs. I tried giving her hay, grass veggies glucose water and few of her favorite food but she is not eating at all. Also last week she got hurt in of her leg jumping and lost some weight but had finally managed to get over that incident. She is already very skinny and i dont know what to do. Its late at night and the closest doctor i can find for guinea pigs will take me around 11 hours drive (i live in a third world country) which i can go tomorrow morning. Please can you advice me what to do. She is just lying there like a helpless little thing i cant take it. Is there anything i can do to make her feel better. She is not even picking her head up,
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Seen it All And got the T-shirt
I'm sorry about your piggy. Is there another kind of vet you could take her to and have her put to sleep? It would be the kindest thing to do.
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no vets available at this hour. what would be the easiest way now that i can perform
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I find it hard to believe that, even where you live, there isn't at least one animal hospital within driving distance that could try to help or at least put this poor thing out of its misery. Have you tried doing a Google search?
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Would you believe there is 1 government animal hospital which is useless after 2 pm and i needed help at 10pm. And guys i myself am a software engineer just that i have been living very far off any form of civilization(with vet) for a project for 4 months.
Anyways she passed away 20 min ago.
Thank you guys for whatever help you give in the short time.
My other piggy Marrie and Tim are fine. But from now on i will keep them locked in cage when visitors come. I had made my whole living room piggy friendly and it was fine as long as i was living alone.
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I'm sorry to hear about Socrates. :(
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
I am so sorry you lost your guinea pig. I hope your precautions help prevent accidents in the future. You have my sympathy.
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Guinea-Smitten Supporter in '13
So sorry, sometimes these tragic things just can't be helped. I'm sure your changes for future visits will mean your other guineas will be ok. Best wishes to you all.
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LS in AK

Devoted slave since '05 Upside-down & Backwards
So sorry to hear of the accident with Socrates. Sometimes we just find bad luck, despite our best efforts.

Rest in peace, little piggy.
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Cleaning Lady You can quote me
For the record, and for others that may see this thread on a search, and probably in a panic -- the best things to do are:

1. See a cavy-knowledgeable, ER vet immediately. IMMEDIATELY. Treatment within an hour or two, or even minutes, can make a huge difference in the outcome.

2. A good ER vet will administer steroids via injection (usually prednisone or prednisolone, but not necessarily; there is an entire family of steroids and they may use a stronger one). If inflammation and swelling are reduced quickly, it can help dramatically toward a recovery.
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Heartless Dictator RESIST
p.s. I added your advice to the emergency page injury area.
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