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Post   » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:23 pm

Chester was a (slightly) good boy at the vet today, let the vet look in his mouth and only tried to jump out of her hands once. I love this vet place, the vet we had today is now my favorite, she was very smart and definitely loved him. She was happy with how things were going for him and was just great overall. The vet we had in January seemed a little apprehensive, I suppose. Didn't seem confident with the pigs. This one didn't even need a tech to help.

She said Chester seemed very healthy for being a petstore pig for the better part of his life, though his poops were long and lighter colored, they are getting to normal size and color now since he's had lettuce in his diet.

His special day is scheduled for Thursday, I'll drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the evening, hopefully. I'm not too pleased, as my shipment of CC seems to be stuck in Springfield MO according to the tracking :/ I want it NOW!

I'm pretty sad we'll have to leave this vet though, hopefully the ones back "home" will be as nice.


Post   » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:13 am

Well, moved the pigs to the parents' today. Got my friend's old rabbit hutch as well, she said it was 3x6 feet. It's really more like 4.5x6. Had to get the trailer to haul it in and my dad kinda hates me now, but it's set up and takes up my entire bedroom.


I left the pigs in the covered cages until I'm not feeling dead and can set up the big cage. Sophie and Pepper are in the 2x4, Kitty is in her normal cage, and Chester is in the 1.5x2.5. Chester will get the 2x4 until he's done being fertile and I think Kitty might be able to squeeze through the wire on the big cage for a bit longer because she's still only a baby.

Mercer is a jerk and showed me just how capable she is of getting in there. I left the door off and that's how she got in, so hopefully with that on she won't be able to get in. Think I'll throw some timber over the top and a flattened box for good measure once the pigs are in. Just for when I'm not around.

Here she is, flaunting.


We will be moving the rest of the stuff out of the apartment tomorrow, it's mostly the boyfriend's stuff and ALL THE FURNITURE (AAAAGH). My old twin bed is going to go in my room now because I don't think the full will fit >.>' I'm essentially not going to be lifting anything tomorrow because that dumb cage wiped me out completely. Gonna go die now.


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Pigs are in! Three fleeces, 6 puppy pads (going to switch to towels when my bag of pads runs out) a boot pan thing as a litter box. I worry that they're too mentally challenged to figure out how to get the water bottles, they got their bowls of veg tonight so hopefully that keeps them hydrated if they don't figure it out. I feel like these two have gotten a bit closer since the move, even though Sophie now has a bite mark in her ear. They don't seem to be fighting as much anymore.

You can't see, but Chester is now in the old blue cage, I put in the loft and ramp for him because he's a climber, hasn't figured it out though, that's where is food is, dork! He also got his veg and pellets on ground level, if I notice he hasn't gotten the hay and water by later tonight I'll put them down in a reachable area.

Kitty's still in her old cage, will try putting her in the big cage tomorrow after a mini-playtime-reintroduction with the other two. Hopefully she respects the barriers and doesn't decide to go for a little sky diving trip. If anything, I have grids that I can put up if I have to as extra "umph" to keep her in.

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Post   » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:01 pm

Creative cage idea. I like how the door is.

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