Happy little herd.

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I'll introduce myself first and then I'll get to the story of my girls. My name is Danielle I am 30 years old. I live in Ohio with my husband my 4 piggies, 2 dogs, 2 Chinese dwarf hamsters, and a betta fish. I've owned guinea pigs since I was 14. Over the years including my current 4 I've had 15 piggies.
In April 2015 my elderly girl Crystal passed away after 7.5 years. I was devastated and didn't even want to think about getting any more piggies at that time. I decided to take a break so I packed up my cages and put them in storage. I donated all of the hay, food, and fleece I had to a nearby rescue.
Fast forward 6 months to October 2015. I was taking some blankets to donate to the SPCA near my home. As I was walking out a staff member was taking a lovely pair of sows back to their cage. I asked to hold them and the rest as they say was history. I adopted the beauties and named them Willow and Clover. The SPCA thought they we're about 4 months old. They are both very sweet and calm piggies, they settled in easily and quickly became spoiled princesses.
In December 2015 my sister calls me and tells me that a girl on her campus was trying to give her guinea pig away as snake food so she took it from her. My sister lives in a dorm and obviously could not keep the piggie. So I drove 2 hours to her campus to pick up the little girl. The poor thing was living in a dirty cage that is smaller than the cage my hamsters live in. It was so sad. After a thorough bath a vet visit and a 2 week quarantine it was time to introduce her to Willow and Clover. The introduction was smooth and easy the little girl was so happy to finally have friends. I named her Ivy. Ivy was very skittish at first but her new friends quickly helped boost her confidence. She is now a very outgoing and affectionate piggie.
Everything with the girls was going well but I started noticing that Clover and Ivy were very close but that Willow was being left out. Even with the other two piggies Willow seemed lonely. I decided to find a friend for my sweet girl. After making several calls I finally found a rescue that had 2 litters of babies ready to go up for adoption. I drove the 4 hours to the rescue and instantly fell in love with a little girl that I named Daisy. I brought her home and introduced her to my trio. Willow also fell in love with her immediately and took her under her wing. Daisy is small but has a huge personality. I laugh out loud at least once a day at her antics. She quickly wrapped everyone around her little paw, she knows how to get what she wants.
So this is the story of how I came to have my current happy little herd.


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Could anyone tell me how I can add pictures.


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For readability of your text I would suggest using an open line between paragraphs.

For pictures please read

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It sounds like you have a great group of pigs! I'm glad they all have friends.


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a girl on her campus was trying to give her guinea pig away as snake food
What kind of person does this?

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Post   » Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:12 am

Sure as heck does NOT sound like a loving, responsible guinea pig owner!!!

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Love the story of how you went from zero piggies to four very quickly. Sorry about your lost of Crystal. So glad Daisy and Willow are friends. Can't wait to hear more about your piggies and so glad Ivy did not end up with a snake!

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