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Post   » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:10 pm

Copy and pasting this from another forum I joined.

Gonna try to make this short before I go to bed. I need some reassurance and to hear similar stories. My anxiety is so bad right now...

Got two piggies on Tuesday. Friday afternoon we noticed one piggy breathing heavily and puffing herself up in the corner by the hay. Separated them ( I bought a Midwest cage, 8 sqf, with the ramp/divider thing. Had pigs before).

Called around to vets and searched a bit on the net. Suspected an URI. Called the store I got them from (yes, I know, badbad) and they said we could bring them in and their vet would treat them and they would give them back to us afterward. I saw a similar story online about another owner doing the same thing.

Brought them both in (one was showing more symptoms but they'd been together since we got them and probably before they arrived at the store).

Called tonight (we dropped them off around 3pm) and they told me that they would not be seen until about 10AM TOMORROW and that I should call back in the late afternoon, 4-5pm, to see which antibiotic they had been prescribed (I had expressed concern over Baytril after some research). She said that from her experience with her own pigs that it was likely the worse one, Reeses, had a URI and while Buttercup, the other one, seemed okay she was showing some signs of the same. She said they would likely treat Buttercup for one or two weeks but that Reeses may need a month of treatment.

Couple of questions.

A MONTH of treatment?!?! I'm willing to wait but that seems SOOO long! What is the average recovery from a URI?

Has anyone had to do something similar? Will I have to wait until they're deemed "fully recovered" before I can take them home? Will they allow me to take them home and finish their meds/whatever is needed once they've made significant improvements?

A girl working there suggested replacing the bedding with fleece and to take it out and wash it when needed. Is that better than Carefresh?

Reeses wasn't wheezing loudly, the girl had to hold her to her ear to hear it and they're both still eating and drinking. Without speaking to a vet.. does anyone suppose the prognosis is fair to good? I'm sure Buttercup will be fine. Reeses was still being curious, taking fresh treats from hands and wondering around during floor time, even yesterday. My boyfriend noticed she breathed heavier when she was sitting near the hay but I'm not sure that's the issue? She chose to sit near the hay but I'm not sure.


8 SFT Cage. Sides are covered with towels and they are away from air vents and any other blowing air.

Feeding Oxbow's Young Pig pellets.

Treats: Fresh baby carrots (Buttercup) and romaine lettuce ( Reeses).

Orchard Grass hay. I fed this to my old pigs, never had issues.

Pigs were purchased from pet store, suspected of only being MAYBE 10 weeks old.

We're already so attached and love them to just pieces. We splurged as best we could for the set up and had everything ready to go before we even got them. I spent all day at work with a migraine and fighting back tears just trying to focus. Can anyone give me a little piece of mind without lying to me?

Man this is a lousy introduction, I'm sorry.

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Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:07 am

A month is a ridiculous amount of time for the store to keep the pig. If I were you, I'd go get the pigs and take them to an exotic vet myself and then try to recoup the money from the store.

Fleece and Carefresh are both suitable beddings. You can use either one you want.


Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:25 am

They didn't say they were going to keep her a full month, just that it could take that long for her recovery. We did a return basically so I got the money back and will "buy" them back when they're well. She said they will be holding onto them for me and me only.

The girl I spoke with wasn't a vet, she was just basing her opinion on her own pigs.

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Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:49 am

I don't know what position you are in if you returned them. You may be SOL for getting them back. Generally a URI requires regular meds, daily weighing, and hand feeding if they lose appetite.

Your best bet may be to speak to the manager about your worry about them. Maybe you could ask if you could visit to get them used to you. I don't know if they would go along with that at all.


Post   » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:39 pm

They've said they wont give them to anyone but me and have been answering my calls and sharing info. I'm waiting to hear from their vet before I push much more on how long it will be.

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