Wheezy guinea pig

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One of my fur babies has had breathing/wheezing problems for atleast 6 months now. She has always been smaller than the other and always coughed alot more since a baby. During the last six months she has got worse. She is about 2.5 years old now and has always eaten well but has got so skinny recently even though she eats alot.

Ive been to the vet and she has had a course of anti-inflammatory medicine and then a course of anti-biotics but niether helped.

The next step is for her to have an x-ray but i would rather not put her through that.

I am trying to rule out allergies before i take her back to the vet and so far i've seen a little improvement. I've taken hay/sawdust away from her sleeping compartment and started giving her 0.3mg of childrens Benadryl. The wheezing calms down and she seems alot better. I don't know if i should be giving her Benadryl and only guessing at the dose from what ive researched on the internet. I just want her to feel better, poor little thing.

Has anyone had any simiular experiences? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Post   » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:15 pm

You need to check her heart, as soon as possible. Problems with breathing are very often related to cardiological problems.


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If they find something wrong with her heart... what can they do?

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They can treat her with heart meds like Lasix and Lotensin.

But if taking the hay out of her sleeping compartment means that she doesn't have access to it, you shouldn't do that. She needs to eat ALL the time, except when she's napping or running around.

I'm not sure what you're worried about "putting her through" with an x-ray. All they do is give them a small whiff of anesthesia until they're sleepy, take the picture, and then they're up and running again. Also, one course of antibiotics is not always enough for a URI. They sometimes need it for longer, or in combination with another antibiotic, or nebulized rather than given orally.


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Thanks for the info. She has plenty of hay to eat dont worry! Looks like i will have to take another trip to the vet.. i just dont want her exposed to radiation if it turns out to be just an allergy.

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Post   » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:49 pm

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