Unsure of what happened to my pig


Post   » Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:03 am

I mean too much of fresh food


Post   » Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:39 am

Okay..so update.. i ll ask some other vet to do culture..and she said..they ll have to sent to our vets, cause they re the only one to culture..shit.

So.. I ll have to give him azithromycin..thats what his vet decided.

He first tought Irie got this stuff from Galli, but Irie wasnt responding to 14 days of bactrim(oral), than he also didnt respond to four injections of bactrim(i think it must be like 8 daily dossage in it). They found two types of baccteria in gallis nasal discharge and zero in IRies(only fungus), that bactrim covered them both.. thats why Irie imidiatly got that.

So in the end he said.. that IRie has URI.. and Galli had URI and UTI-i noticed his piss was little wierd and they notice bloated stomach(also he said he didnt really expect to Galli not to make it, but there Galli has a lot of medical record already with him-including leg operation and castration-i was against it, but he wasnt mine, when they did it, i am against castration of healthy animals, except if its medical or you have male/Female together..and it was ordinary vet that did that and not exotic specialists, than they gave him up for adoption). My vet said that wasnt really good for him..cause he was very Young and not strong and beside that he was stressed out when he moved.

So...yeah..thats our story..And i adopted Irie ..he was living in his own shit and piss..(literally), nobody cared for him and he didnt even have a name..so i name him IRie(which means highest vibes in jamaican patois) and i have to pay for cage as well..they didnt wanna gave him away without money and i drive 1h 30min with my sister to get him..but i was never sorry, he s the best.

SO that i wont have to call, if he s taking benebac with azithromycin Will surely be okay if i understood you correct? We re starting today, already week late cause of pooping stuff..he feels brilliant otherwise(he still sneezes, discharge is ocassionally present).


Post   » Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:43 am

Oh and yes.. Iries body x-ray and urine analysis was perfetct, nothing wrong..

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Post   » Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:04 am

Yes, do give the benebac with the azithromycin. I posted this link earlier:

Be on guard if he does not tolerate the antibiotic well and weigh once or twice daily to help monitor his food intake.

I am glad you are giving him a better chance at life. Your guinea pigs are lucky to have found you.


Post   » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:33 pm

We give our 3 girls Bene-Bac after it was recommended to us and have not had any issues, apart from one syringe that was a bit oily when i unwrapped it but we switched to a fresh one. We occasionally give them some even though they are all off of meds now just to make sure their digestion is OK


Post   » Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:14 am

Thanks both so much!!

For now after one dossage(0,1ml every day for a week), he s normal, he very crazy, almost hyper active so you see easily if something is off, and he aint even that young cca 3years old..

Weight is stable.

And I am glad i have found your forum!! Benebac Works so great and he loves it, I cant belive it, he hadnt poop like he should in long time and i was trying different foods and everything-now its perfect..shame i didnt know it before for the other pigs as well..


Post   » Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:54 am

Eh, here we go again..he s feeling good, but his piss was orange today...:( Damn. He sneezed a little and has discharge at morning...and now this.. his poops are normal, yet his urine isnt.

I hope that all this medications didnt affect his liver cause otherwise we re really screwed..

I dont even know..i guess i ll go again to see the vet tomorrow morning..your toughts..?urine analysis was done about a moth ago

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Post   » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:33 am

I think some medications turn the urine orange. Give your vet a call and see if this is one of them.


Post   » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:46 am

Yeah, yeah..thank you..its true

If I call our vet one more time, he ll kill me:) No, they always say to call and bring him in if he s weak.. once they were prepared to wait on him at evening..but than i brought him in at morning..anyway..thanks..i was worried we have some new complications..and now its not right time for it.

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Post   » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:01 am

Glad you found confirmation that this med is one that turns the urine orange!

Google is our friend :-)


Post   » Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:19 am

He s not responding that well to azithromcyn..he has two more dossage to go and yesterday after 5. he had soft pops and was a little less happy than usual..

I mean sneezing is somehow better during the day, but at night is the same. Nearly no discharge yesterday-

As I said i would just do anything for him to get better and i mean it, but i dont know what to do anymore-i am quitting my collegue next week if we aint going anywhere with this i just lost my motivation..vet seemed Quite in the dark cause he wasnt responding on bactrim that Galli was(but they didnt cure him either, so.we only talked about it to help Irie.).

How dangerous is that dicharge and sneezing for real-it can really be fatal if left:(?

On positive note, he eats all the time..and if you put him on the floor he is running around..:)

All thats left for us is another baccterial culture, if they agree to do it after week off antibiotics..but they also say its not as accurate as for rabbits and stuff, so..we really aint got it easy.. all that is left is culture, bactrim again(but as i said its just shit cause there wasnt really any significant diference, lungs x-ray-somwhere else cause they just dont wanna do it.) I respect you all so much, cause having pigs can really be so tough..

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Post   » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:53 am

Please start adding spaces between your paragraphs. I went back and added spaces between paragrphs in all your posts so I could read them more easily.

rjespicer covered a number of potential issues regarding bedding and issues in the home. Do you have any mold in the house? Does the cage always have good air circulation? Have you ever seen evidence of mice in the house?

Can you tell us about the food you feed? If the hay is dusty, perhaps you can shake it out, outside. You can also increase fluids by soaking the hay and offering it to your guinea pig, then removing it in an hour or two, to prevent molding.

Who is Ringo? Right now you only have the one guinea pig, but other pets? Tell us more about them.
He was giving him bactrim injections
Just a note to say Bactrim is usually given orally.
he s still crying when he poops cause of bactrim
This can be a sign of stones. Stones would not cause the breathing issues but may cause the crying while pooping.

A list of common signs of illness:

If there are no other explanations, I think your idea of retesting to try to identify the bacteria after being off antibiotics is a good one.


Post   » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:34 pm

Okay, I Will. Thank you.

No. At first he was on the table, when we got Galli I put both cages on the floor. I read what rjespicer wrote and bought two tables and actually put him off the floor again. At morning and evening I put him in living room so I open the windows and let fresh air in..Mice was in the house but more than half a year ago and he didnt have any issues than(we live near forest!)

I feed him hay..he has in the cage..he lives in hay. I cant put him on blankets cause he wants eat everything and he slept in my bed and it was the same-i was just checking. He got pellets twice a day and vegetables...and fresh grass..and dandelion as i can get it outside the house. He loves it.

Ringo..here you can see Ringo.. old video of my friend

He s my border collie..he lives in room with Irie..and he lived in a room with Lee before. HE loves pigs.. I have also cat Ziggy, but she sleeps in a room with my sister.

First it was given him orally(14days). But he took it three days than he couldnt poop so we have to stop for a day. Than vet suggested once per day and it didnt work. So last five days he took it twice a day and Reglan(metoclopromide i think) as well so he could poop and so he could.

After that he took sporanox as results came back positive on fungus. As he still didnt get better vet said he must get that from the other pig Galli so he gave him injectons as he said oral is sometimes not enough or is not affective(baccteria resistance), but it still didnt get enough good and as it was very hard for Irie to handle iv he said that if he s not better, he wont get any more of this.

So he got azythromicin.

Thanks. He s not crying when pooping anymore since he s on bene bac.

And thanks for suggestion I Will defenetly shake the hay outside before I gave it to him or change bedding.

I hope we ll figure something out. I cant just wait and wait and watch him not get better. No discharge today! Damn, please stop sneezing Irie..pleaseee..

I would like to thank you very much for reading and trying to help. My deepest respect.

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Post   » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:53 pm

Ringo is so handsome and zippy! I take it he is in good health? In his lifetime, did he ever have bordetella? I take it your cat is in good health? Does your dog shed excessively or have a dandruffy skin condition that might contribute to a respiratory fungal infection (if this was positively identified).

What kind of guinea pig pellets are you giving? Are the vegetables and grass clean and without mold? Do you know what kind of grass you give? I ask because there is a strain of fescue here in the states that has a type of fungus. Also johnson grass if it is deprived of water can develop toxins.

Mentioning these toxins might not be helpful because they might not affect the respiratory system. I am trying to think of anything I can.

It certainly sounds like you have tried to do all you could to help him.


Post   » Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:48 pm

Thanks! He s just my best friend, Ringo..head of our family. He s as healthy as it gets for soon to be 14 (in a month) and so is Ziggy.
He has a bit of dandruff, but he doesnt shake it in Irie or something. Irie is similar character tough wild, free and lively..he s lively even now.

Ringo had bordatella(if i think what you do) when he was like 2..but thats so long ago..he got it on agility from other dogs.

Vet was not able to confirm its respiratory fungal condition as it showed it wasnt what cause discharge..he just said its fungal.

I was giving him Oxbow..but he doesnt like them anymore. So he has Genesis or Versalle laga..he doesnt want else.

Yeah, yeah, all its clean. I ll watch out more for what types of grass it is..mostly normal.

A lot, actually..but it seems its not exactly enough. I dont like this type of situation or answers than i dont know from vets..what we Will do. Next.

But yeah as I said..its hard to bring pig to proper age.. no doubt. I have all 4 adopted Kluivertka-age unkown(2,3 or more), LEe 6 years cca, Galli 8months, but as I said, he had tough medical condition, all were very different and cool characters:). IRie is 3..he ll have birthday next week..I am grateful he came to that age and for everything if he can live more..i ll be super happy..i truly would. I wont stop fighting for him.. but you have to ask our vets so a lot(very kindely).

MY friend had one who lived 8 and never visits doctor, but the other one was two barely..and than he said its enough..

Thats all from us..thanks again..hope we would be able to do more for him to get better.

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Post   » Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:49 pm

For what it's worth, I believe some animals can be carriers of bordetella without being symptomatic, though it would be more likely to be transmitted with an active infection. So keep it in the back of your mind in case his situation worsens.

Tracis collected several links:


Post   » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:29 pm

Just catching up with this. Sorry to hear he is still sneezing but the fact that there is no discharge, and that he is eating well and lively, is encouraging. I am also glad the Bene-Bac seems to be helping.

The only other things I can think of that caused issues for our girls were making sure there is no dust in the pellets ( there is a quite often some in the bag from transit and you can also get it in the bowls as well) and also dust in the hay although I think Lynx may have covered that. We had a few odd noises when the hay had lots of little bits of leaves (rather than big whole leaves) in it as well.

One other thought but what do you use as hideys and do they have sufficient ventilation to let any urine smell out? I drilled a bunch of holes in a plastic hidey we had to make sure it was well ventilated but the newer hideys we got are all grass now.

As I think I mentioned one of our girls, Nala, used to sneeze a lot but after 6 weeks of Bactrim and Doxycyline in June/July (Thankfully with no appetite or pooping issues, possibly due to teh Benebac) for one set of breathing issues and then 6 weeks of Chloramphenicol and Lasix for a swelling on her cheek plus breathing issues, she seems to be fine and has even put on 200g since the start of September.

I hope the vet can come up with a few more ideas and Irie is back to being Irie soon.


Post   » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:53 am

Thanks!!! But Irie already got trimethoprim sulfa... iv..so it should have clear it. As well as sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim(Primotren in our countrey) for 14 days..
I ll watch out for everything of course.

Okay..I ll shake the pellets too..they are wooden pellets(sorry my english is so not perfect, i hope you understand what i think)

Yeah..yeah ... He has perfect ventilation.. Thats his cage..i bought it for both pigglets:,( : https://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/small_pets/hutches_cages/rabbit_cage/140_cm_cages/570170

Thanks for this informations...it brings hope for us..we are fighting long battle too..but as our dog vet said..its alright fighting battle and have problems-when you cant fight is a problem..and he s right..

Today he squeeked a little when pooped and piss and i went berserk..eh..i ll ask about that, too..altough they did x-ray like on 18.9 and no stones or nothing wrong was seen..i think its cause of antibiotics..but we ll have to be sure.

He was sneezing and little discharge at night.. but during the day..he eats a lot, again.. And he dont sneeze..his nose must be completely dry, right?

Thanks both for best wishes..Irie has birthday tomorrow..so three is like 55in human or how much:)?

He s one swine with so much back up, its crazy! my phone is constantly ringing..how s my pig?;).. and now he even have you two to give advices..<3


Post   » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:56 am

I mean if you look in his nose, it shouldnt be watery at all..even if you look with light?
And we plan next vet visits on moneday.. now we are off three weeks and thats not so bad after all...

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Post   » Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:28 pm

I don't know about the watery nose (inside). some times of year there are irritants in the air that aggravate my own nose, which can be slightly watery. I think you would look for excessive wateriness or other signs of illness.

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