Rehoming single male guinea pig (Los Angeles, CA)

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Post   » Fri May 31, 2019 10:03 pm

Mango is in need of a new loving home. He is a 1-year-old male. I'm looking for an experienced caretaker who has the resources, time, and space to care for him adequately. After the sudden loss of his cage mate, I find it too difficult to begin the process of finding him a new friend. On top of that, my college responsibilities have been increasing and I feel it's unfair to Mango that I let him be alone any longer. If you decide to adopt Mango you will receive a carrier for his transportation, a 10 lb box of timothy hay (just bought about a week or so ago), his toy carrot nicknamed "The War Carrot". You will also receive a grooming kit (brush and nail clipper), along with some vitamin C treats. Mango has visited the vet twice before for a swollen front paw which was concluded to be due to a lack of vitamin C.
He gets fresh vegetables twice a day every day, unlimited timothy hay, unlimited oxbow pellets, and plenty of red bell peppers but, unfortunately, his body just needs a little extra help from the outside. If you're not certain that this won't be a problem you can handle then please don't ask to adopt him. I made him a heating pad, which he thoroughly enjoys, you will receive that as well if you decide to adopt him. Other than that, he is perfectly healthy. I will be more than glad to provide you with his medical information and regular vet's contacts as well. Again, if you don't think you can handle monitoring his walking and vitamin C intake, then don't ask to adopt him.
Mango's current home is a custom acrylic cage built by my dad, you are free to take that with you as well if you decide. The dimensions of the cage are 4x3 ft or 48x36 inches. I will provide pictures at the bottom. (If I figure out how to add pictures)

The adoption fee is $50 cash up-front. This includes:
        10 lb box of timothy hay
          Carrot toy
            Grooming kit
              Heating pad
                Vitamin C treats
                  Cage (if you decide to take it.)

                  Personality info:
                  Mango had been living with his cage mate (also male) since he was 4 months old. He's never been aggressive or protective of food or toys. The furthest I ever saw any quarrel between them go was a bit of rumblestrutting. Mango can be a bit shy when it comes to trying new things but I find that making kissy noises and tapping where you want him to go or explore with the toy carrot helps calm his nerves. He's a big sleeper and enjoys laying on beds. He will pee on your bed if you're not careful and then promptly become embarrassed. You have been warned. Cucumbers are his favorite treat. Fresh mint is also greatly appreciated every once in a while.

                  You can contact me through here or through my email:
                  I wasn't able to figure out the picture situation, sorry. Email me for pictures.

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                  Post   » Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:11 pm

                  Aw I wish I lived closer so I could adopt him. I’m in Northern BC

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